Cost-efficient security company management

With TrackTik, you get the assurance that you’re always making the best use of your time, resources and money. Cutting down on overhead costs with security workforce management software will help you overcome these spiraling expenses and allow you to demonstrate your value to satisfy the needs of your stakeholders.

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Automate your security guard management

TrackTik automates scheduling, contracting, and invoicing processes so you can avoid spending time and money on admin work.

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Up-to-date patrol monitoring

With TrackTik’s Guarding Suite, you no longer need to send supervisors to check in on your guards. A live dashboard keeps you up to date on their progress.

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Security officer overtime prevention

Overtime hours can quickly eat away at your budget. TrackTik’s Scheduling Module has an Overtime Prevention feature that allows you to see what shifts will cause overtime hours.

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Oversee your private security firm resources

Billing analytics show you who your top ten clients are so you can allot your resources to be more in line with which customers generate the most revenue.

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Increase your security business profitability

Operating with a tight budget isn’t a problem when you’re using TrackTik’s security workforce management software. You won’t have trouble finding where your security operations could be spending money and resources more wisely and you can share your improved spending with stakeholders. You can look forward to less stress and frustration when planning your next budget.

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