Security workforce management solutions are designed to help you meet your organization’s goals, manage the security officers in your security company, and keep your company’s reputation secure. The need for security services has grown exponentially in the past few years, especially during the pandemic. But the security industry has matured from using a paper and pen-based approach to using security workforce management software to manage everything from rostering changes, billing, payroll, and more. If you are not using a security workforce management solution, you should ask yourself why not. 

Not using a security workforce management solution can result in missed or double-booked shifts, spending too much time adjusting schedules, increased overtime costs, and over/under posting security officers. By contrast, a security workforce management solution can save time and money, increase client satisfaction, and streamline operations.

Some of the direct benefits of using a security workforce management solution: 

Manage your frontline security personnel and plan ahead

Security workforce management software will help you manage your frontline security personnel using cutting-edge, dynamic features. From live incident reporting to checkpoint tours to powerful incident analytics, benefit from a technology solution built for corporate security teams.

Keep your finger on the pulse of your operations

Receive instant alerts based on incident type and severity level from your frontline security team and communicate results seamlessly throughout your organization. Ensure accountability across your security operations using detailed and automated daily activity reports.

Customise to fit your needs

Security workforce management software is a user-friendly and customisable software designed to fit any corporate security team. You can collect relevant data from your sites to analyze your security environment in detail and make the most informed decisions possible.

Channel your resources strategically

Easily dispatch the right security officer when an incident arises. With the software’s operational intelligence, get a better understanding of your security risks.

Features of Security Workforce Management Software

Security workforce management software is feature-rich and usually hosted in the cloud, ensuring a high level of security and data backup. 

Incident Analytics

Receive reports compiled from daily operational data for a more in-depth analysis of your security and threat landscape. Defend your budget more easily and validate your operations’ contribution to the overall corporate objectives. Run reports on KPIs to view how your security officers are performing.

Incident Reporting

Collect mission-critical information pertaining to any type of incident occurring at your locations. View the information by severity and incident type to gain better insight into your day-to-day operations.

Checkpoint Tours

Make sure your security officers are checking locations around your site and set up custom inspection questions related to these checkpoints to ensure the protection of your assets.

Officer Post Orders

Ensure your frontline security personnel have all site-specific procedures and documents in real-time. Outline how to deal with unique situations. You can also verify that your officers received the information they need by using post orders. 

Create schedules that best fit your labour needs and find the best security officer for an open shift based on skills and certifications. Built-in dashboards provide real-time visibility into rostering and attendance data so that you can address potential issues before they become problems.

Overtime Management
Manage security officer overtime to ensure it is fairly distributed. Send alerts when a security officer is approaching overtime. 

Security Workforce Tracking
Track your officers using GPS tracking which provides a dynamic/real-time map, so you’ll never be left wondering about your security officer’s whereabouts. Geofencing lets you establish where your officers can check in and enables you to create restricted zones for your officers to avoid. Supervisors and security officers can be automatically notified by SMS and email alerts if the officer is in the forbidden zone you’ve established.

Live Monitoring
Make sure your security officers have the tools they need to perform an efficient tour. Establish checkpoints with NFC, barcode, QR Code, Aztec, GPS, and manual check-ins, and leave instructions for your officers at each checkpoint.

Be sure to choose the right security workforce management software that lets you streamline rostering, time, and attendance, and collect data. The data you collect will allow you to get a 360-degree picture of the business and provide valuable data for your clients to demonstrate what they are paying for. With data insights, you can provide clients with information like the number of incidents reported, the location of the incidents, the time of day/night when the incidents occur, and then they can use that analytical data to make smart decisions moving forward. 

This article originally appeared in the Spring 2022 issue of City Security magazine. 

About TrackTik
TrackTik was founded in 2013 and quickly established itself as a market leader with the mission to build better software so its clients can run smarter businesses. TrackTik’s cloud-based technology enables security organizations to connect frontline staff, back office management, and their clients to drive improved operational efficiency and data insights. TrackTik helps security professionals make automated, data-driven decisions with its seamless approach to system connectivity. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, with offices in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, TrackTik offers four integrated suites of tools – Security Operations for Guarding, Back Office Management, Mobile Patrol and Dispatch, and Business Intelligence & Reporting Analytics, to help security service companies follow the progression of guards, reduce manual tasks, lower costs, and demonstrate value.