The security industry will be presenting innovative ideas that will propel the future of security at ASIS International’s Global Security Exchange conference (GSX 2018) this year. As we inch closer to the event, at TrackTik, we’re more excited than ever to get a chance to mingle with security industry players and to get their invaluable insight which we then hope to integrate into our business. Keeping with the forward-looking theme of the event, we also hope to showcase how our innovative TrackTik platform can improve security operations.

As part of our GSX social calendar, we’ll be catching up with security influencers and hosting a series of live influencer interviews from the event. On a personal note, I will be sharing stories and insight from my experiences across the security industry on the X-Stage on September 24.

And I won’t be alone –  we’re bringing a big crew of TrackTik specialists this year to not only demonstrate our platform’s value but also to share our client journey and to present how our client-centric mindset flows across our organization. So, if you run into one of us, don’t hesitate to say hi!

Here’s a brief preview of our jam-packed GSX calendar:

A demo experience like no other

Our base of operations on the tradeshow floor will be booth # 3351. Our booth will have several demo stations and a meeting room for more in-depth chats should you want more insight into TrackTik. If you’ve signed up for a demo, you’ll be treated to a state-of-the-art experience at the booth with some surprises thrown in to boot!

Our platform is comprehensive and built to optimize entire security operations, but we believe that every customer’s needs are unique which is why we want to address them directly. During our GSX demo experience, we will recreate scenarios that reflect your current challenges and show how TrackTik can help you resolve them. When booking your demo, you can specify your biggest operational issues and the number of employees in your organization (and potential users of our system).

This customized demo experience allows us to get to know your business and show how you can use our platform to help you run your business better. We’ve taken this approach to place our clients at the center of what we do and work with them using our data-driven approach to security. Find out what we mean by booking a demo today.

Tales from the dark side

On Monday, September 24, I will take the Xperience Stage – part of the X Learning Centre –  at 12:30 PM for my session, X-14: Tales from the Dark Side.

From going from a security practitioner to a service provider, and now a software solutions enabler, I believe I’ve acquired a fair bit of knowledge and seen the industry’s challenges from multiple points of view. In my talk, I’ll identify pitfalls and pain points from various perspectives that can help all industry stakeholders reach their goals.

Interacting with industry players

As proud canucks, ASIS Canada’s Canada Night is a can’t-miss event for us. We’ll be decked out in our flannel shirts, posing with hockey sticks and slurping maple syrup – so you’ll definitely see us – we’d love it if you came and said hi! We’ll be holding a raffle draw to find two lucky winners of airplane vouchers. All you have to do is drop your business card into our bowl and smile for a photo at our photo booth at the event, so don’t miss out!

We hope to see you at GSX, but if you’re not attending, then make sure to follow us on our social handles to stay up to date as we live tweet, “live story-cast” and do all sorts of social-media reporting throughout the event. Follow our social handles: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

GSX is truly going to be one of the biggest security events this year and if you are attending, then we hope to see you there!

Want to learn more about TrackTik while you’re at GSX? Book your demo today to secure your slot.