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Learn more on how TrackTik’s feature rich Scheduling solution can help you limit variables and errors by automating your scheduling processes. With accurate timekeeping, invoicing, billing, reporting, and payroll-ready exports automated, you spend less time working and more time focusing on how to grow your margins.



Hi this is Jeremy Greene, Customer Engagement Associate here at TrackTik. 

Today I want to talk about scheduling which is part of our back office management suite.

We all know how hard it can be to schedule your guards on a day-to-day basis. It’s extremely strenuous, we have to make sure the guards actually show up to the shifts and then confirm the shifts.  At TrackTik we have a way of tracking your guards, tracking the published shifts that are sent out and where we have to have an acknowledgement from the actual guard to make sure that they will attend. The way that you would schedule your employees with TrackTik would be either in template mode or on the rolling schedule:

  • In template mode you will be able to set up a recurring schedule where your guards will be automatically put in week after week depending on the number of days that you are setting up in your template.
  • In the actual rolling schedule mode you will be able to do real time changes affecting that specific date if someone decides not to show up to the shift. What this enables you to do is to send SMS notifications to anyone in the company that is able to take that shift.

Furthermore we have added an Unconfirmed Shift tab in the TrackTik system. The Unconfirmed Shift gives you the ability to see anyone who has not yet confirmed their shift via email and within this you can call up employees, send them a notification by e-mail and acknowledge the shift for them.

Another great thing is we have now the live schedule dashboard. In this you can see the real time of your week of what is going on throughout the whole operation, view any overtime shifts, holiday shifts and everything that has to do with your specific schedule for that week for any position or site.

Thank you for listening and feel free to contact us should you have any questions