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Large and Enterprise Level Implementations



With all the exciting advancements in technology happening every day, it’s no wonder people can feel intimidated by change and needing to adapt to the latest and greatest. TrackTik has taken many steps to ensure a smooth training process. See how TrackTik approaches large and enterprise-level implementations and training cycles.




Julie, Director of Operations here at TrackTik. Today I would like to go over large and enterprise implementation and training cycle.

One of the first steps that we like to do here at TrackTik is to really understand our clients’ business and the day-to-day operations they are trying to accomplish with TrackTik software. Once we get a good understanding we will schedule our first discovery call or face-to-face meeting where we discuss TrackTik’s functionality and specific client requirements.

One of the main topics we will discuss in this first meeting is change management communication and how internal communication will be relayed to all future users. We then want to make sure that the internal resource team is dedicated to rolling out TrackTik and will work closely with our team to support all future users and train them accordingly.

One of the next steps that we do is create a timeline for any integrations, training and roll-out of the full TrackTik software. Not to forget that we schedule weekly calls with both teams to make sure we stay on track. By going over these simple steps, we really ensure that both teams are working hand-in-hand to accomplish the same goal which is: to successfully leverage TrackTik software in their day-to-day operations both in the field and in the office.

Thank you everyone for listening.