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Security Operations Suite Overview



This is a quick overview on how TrackTik’s platform provides all the tools you need to easily manage and enhance your security operations.
Learn how to optimize your guarding operations with advanced technology, increase your mobile operational performance and drive optimal security decisions with TrackTik’s powerful platform.



Hi, Sean Miller, Senior Business Development Associate at TrackTik.

Today what I am going to do is show you a short demonstration about our platform for the security operations. It is going to be very short, I am going to show you a couple of things and if you like what you see, please give us a call and we will show you the whole platform in it’s entirety.

So taking a quick look at our dashboard we can see a few things. On one side we have a GPS map that shows all your officers are currently out on the field. Here we have the activity feed so it’s everything your officers are doing in real time. At the top we have some nice little quick toss, to give you an overview of all of your current operations. We can see various things; reports to approve, who is clocked in, scheduled shifts, late shifts etc…

Another nice feature that people will be using quite a bit on our dashboard is the operation reports. When we look at our operation reports we have a  report field, also a patrol tour field. We have a summary by shift which gives you all the information of what your officer was doing concurrently throughout all of their shifts. Now all these viewpoints are available and more drilled down at the site level.

When we look at our incident analytics report we can see a couple of things. We see a beautiful little pie chart but we can also drill that down to see exactly what the incidents were and where they took place. Now again all of these viewpoints are available in various sections of our dashboard.

That’s it for the short demo, I hope you enjoyed what you saw. I am looking forward to speaking with you here shortly so when you get a chance, pick up the phone give us a call and let’s schedule that demo!