Between 2 Checkpoints – Manage the Exception, Not the Rule

After a successful episode one of the Between the 2 Checkpoints series, we are excited to bring you our episode two - Between 2 Checkpoints - Manage the Exception, Not the Rule.

Between 2 Checkpoints – Who let the guards out?

In this episode, we will give you the tools and tactics to help boost your team’s performance by leveraging a workforce management system that works for your business. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before the webinar:

  • Do you know where your guards are?
  • Do you know what they are doing at any given point during the working hours?
  • Can you follow the progress of your guards’ tour at any given point from your home office?
  • Do you have an effective way to communicate with your guards when they are out in the field?

If the answers to all these questions is “No” or “Not exactly” then this session is for you!

Watch our resident experts Jeremy Greene, Mikael Braun and Shorja Chakma cover the topics below

  • How to leverage tracks and geo-fencing to account for your guards whereabouts
  • How to monitor that guards are on duty and on time
  • Understand the value of system exceptions, inactive users, panic alerts
  • How can you support a lone worker on a long lonely shift and thereby keeping them motivated
  • How can you effectively communicate with your guards by using features like post orders, message boards (regional), and broadcast messages
  • Let’s demystify the various ways to set-up tours and facilitate logins

Looking forward to guarding your success with TrackTik!

Jeremy Greene Mikael Braun Shorja Chakma
Jeremy Greene
Manager of Client Success
Mikael Braun
Client Success Executive
Shorja Chakma
Client Success Manager

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January 25, 2022