Between 2 Checkpoints – On the Road Again with Mobile Patrol

It’s time for another exciting episode of Between 2 Checkpoints: On the Road Again with Mobile Patrol.

In episode 4, we’ll talk about how you can diversify your service offering and maximize business opportunities with TrackTik.

You’ll hear our resident experts Jeremy Greene, Mikael Braun and Shorja Chakma discuss these topics:

  • Diversify your business/service offering
  • Digitize your patrol driver’s route
  • Provide additional value with enforced reporting
  • Gain increased visibility & efficiency on routes
  • Leverage advanced analytics
  • Simplify patrol invoicing


Jeremy Greene Mikael Braun Shorja Chakma
Jeremy Greene
Manager of Client Success
Mikael Braun
Client Success Executive
Shorja Chakma
Client Success Manager

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May 26, 2022