Mitigating Physical Security Risk Exposure

How to Assess Risks, Plan Appropriately, and Address Foreseeability to Potential Exposures

With criminal acts on the rise, claims often arise that members of on-site security should have known in advance or might have been negligent in responses or preparedness. In 2021, negligence claims against security companies rose 4%, with 2022 anticipated to see an even sharper increase. How can you prepare your teams for all kinds of emergencies, manage and assess risks, and mitigate potential exposures?

Thinkcurity is teaming up with Michael Gerard, a Police Practices and Premises Security Expert at Robson Forensic, and Carlos Francisco, host of The Corporate Security Translator, to help you better understand the duty and responsibility of security professionals to provide reasonable care. With over 26 years of law enforcement and physical security experience, Michael will pass along valuable insights on risk management and emergency preparedness.

What you’ll learn:

  • The duty of premises owners/operators to provide reasonable care
  • How to determine foreseeability of incidents
  • The importance of notice in relation to known/should have known situations
  • How to ensure adequate security measures are in place

Learn key risk management and emergency preparedness strategies to reduce your potential exposure with our interactive and informative webinar on-demand.

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October 26, 2022