Proactive Surveillance: Artificial Intelligence in Physical Security

How Can Guard Companies Remain Industry Leaders?


Advanced video surveillance technology, artificial intelligence (A.I.) and virtual guarding is becoming the norm for companies in ultra-competitive markets.

We’ve partnered with Brad Feldman & ROG Security, a leader in cloud-based artificial intelligence for security professionals, to give you the insight you need before adding any type of video surveillance to your security service offerings. Plus a live demo of ROG’s Neural Network that can turn nearly any surveillance camera system into a real-time threat analysis system.

Additionally, see how Andrew Esseff & Cobalt Security Services use ROG & Silvertrac Software together to improve their security guard services, reduce operating costs and secure more profitable contracts in the highly competitive markets of Southern California.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Advanced Technology Can Increase Your Security Business by 10X!
  • How Security Companies Can Get Started with Video Surveillance.
  • Live Demo of ROG’s Video Intelligence System.

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July 14, 2020