Key Strategies for Effective Security Risk Assessments

Many private security companies don’t conduct risk assessments...

Because they think they are too time consuming or too expensive. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Risk assessments save security companies and their clients money and headaches by using data to proactively protect against credible security threats to the property.

In this webinar, Alexander Feil, CEO of EasySet, will explain exactly why security risk assessments are a necessity for any security company looking to grow and how you can conduct highly effective assessments that will impress your clients without breaking the bank.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why conducting a risk assessment during the bidding process is so important
  • Best practices for conducting every stage of a risk assessment – from intelligence collection to report writing
  • What to show your client to convince them to implement your suggested solutions
  • How to analyze data you collect during the assessment process to effectively and proactively protect any property
  • The tools & templates that make conducting the risk assessment process faster, cheaper, and more effective

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January 05, 2021