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Managing an
In-House Security Team

Tailored for in-house security teams with an ESRM perspective, TrackTik protects your organization’s reputation by identifying common incidents and at-risk areas. As a result, you feed your internal threat assessment process, maintain your go-to role as an information source, and solidify your position within management.


Be the first to know 

With TrackTik’s mobility and connectivity, you and your supervisors are always in the know about what your security team is doing. Easy, quick incident reporting enables your agents to keep you on top of any security incident. You become the hub of information and the leader in sharing what you know.

TrackTik’s features enable you to manage guard scheduling much more efficiently. Real-time visibility into guard overtime means you can ensure work gets distributed evenly, so you respect your budget and minimize staff turnover due to unbalanced workloads.

When guards book-off, you can avoid missed shifts by quickly finding and connecting with appropriate replacements. Moreover, you avoid exposure to the negative consequences resulting from missed shifts.

Through the data and details of TrackTik’s powerful analytics reporting, your security team can begin to identify incident trends and address their root causes.

You discover ways to prevent incidents and improve structural security. By adjusting your security program accordingly, you reduce corporate risk and exposure.

That mitigated risk prevents potential losses in productivity, stock valuation and brand reputation. Furthermore, when colleagues call on you to defend your budget and ROI, you can cite data to support all your statements.

Budget strategically

Every budget gets challenged. But with TrackTik, you can support with data all the results of your security program. Highlight areas where you can save money and justify why you need to spend more. Help internal stakeholders see how security protects and helps build value in the organization.

Seeing a reduction of reported incidents, superiors may challenge the necessity of your spend. Protect your program and position with data about the value your program and team has delivered. Show executives what you have paid and where and how the funds were spent. Underline the invisible costs you saved in hurt reputation, lost support or funding and negative media.

As Enterprise Security Risk Management rises in prominence, the need to share security information and insights with many internal stakeholders rises with it. TrackTik has your back. Equipped with the right data, you become the person delivering critical, value-building information to senior management. As security moves from the basement to the boardroom, you increase the relevancy of security across the organization, and set the stage for taking a seat at the decision table.

Act on data at your fingertips

Fast reaction time is one of the drivers of efficacy. That is why nothing beats real-time data and reporting. With TrackTik, you can act immediately and identify trends to reduce further risk. As you manage your security program, you transform raw data into business intelligence to support decisions that improve performance.

Whether your client is internal or external, deliver actionable insights with analytics that provide statistics on incidents.

For example, why is location B more incident-prone than location R? With automated incident reporting, you can customize the reporting to your locations and identify trends.

Once incident trends are identified, prevent them from happening in the future. Allocate your resources to properly address issues where they are occurring. As a result, you reduce the corporation’s risk.

Real-time data in TrackTik frees up your teams to manage by exception. Our Operations Dashboard informs the right team of what deserves their attention, so each team can focus on the decisions that matter to it.

Moreover, the Dashboard keeps you abreast of your KPIs every second. You always know where you stand.

This software has made both management and employees jobs much easier.

“All pros!!! Management is able to quickly review all of the hard work their team(s) have performed. Also easy to identify areas for improvement. Utilizing the reports function has made report writing and management incredibly effortless. All reports now paperless and available within seconds. The software support is top notch; the TrackTik team has been extremely responsive to any concerns. Any issues have been resolved almost immediately.”
John Brady

Seaport Security Manager, Brevard County Sheriff's Office