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Front-line Security Services

Trusted to secure thousands of facilities, TrackTik protects critical parts of your customers' infrastructure, enables better decision-making, and mitigates risk to provide a proactive approach to security.


Expect more from your outsourced security services

In looking for a contract security guard company, you have diligently checked off every box on your search list: from assessing risks and vulnerabilities to talking with your professional network.

Yet, one important box may be missing: Can the firm harness security data to offer reliability, operational transparency, and accountability?

A TrackTik-powered provider can.

Benefit from the right outsourced security services firm

The biggest invoice in your security program probably comes from your contract security guard company. Odds are the hours billed will be inaccurate. Avoid accounting hassles and get the biggest return on your investment by ensuring that the firm is powered by TrackTik.
Since its functions are aligned with industry best practices in a unified system, the TrackTik platform commits your contractor to invoicing on actual hours worked and delivering reliability, operational transparency, and accountability.
Ask your provider about TrackTik to ensure that your physical security program is always on point with the data it needs.

  • Automated incident and exception notifications

  • Automated shift, daily, and weekly summary reports

  • A guard tour system tailored to the needs of your locations

  • Customized reporting tailored to your locations

  • An incident analytic dashboard and detailed analytic reports

Discover your security data through your client portal

When your security firm is powered by TrackTik, you gain a customized, real-time view into the security data that is important to your business. As a result, you:

  • Access activity detail at one or all locations through a multi-location dashboard

  • Gain insight into trends while being able to drill down to specific sites and incidents

  • View detailed, content-rich incident analytic reports in real time

  • Review historical data for detailed analysis

This software has made both management and employees jobs much easier.

“All pros!!! Management is able to quickly review all of the hard work their team(s) have performed. Also easy to identify areas for improvement. Utilizing the reports function has made report writing and management incredibly effortless. All reports now paperless and available within seconds. The software support is top notch; the TrackTik team has been extremely responsive to any concerns. Any issues have been resolved almost immediately.”

John Brady

Seaport Security Manager, Brevard County Sheriff’s Office