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TrackTik’s Cloud Infrastructure

  • Cloud-computing architecture hosted with reliable, scalable, and secure Amazon AWS services
  • State-of-the-art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems
  • Faster and more flexible software deployments and updates for today’s fast-paced business requirements
  • Optimum availability that also provides complete customer privacy and segregation

TrackTik Cloud Security

  • Solid safeguards to protect the privacy of customer data with powerful encryption for storing and manipulating data
  • Regular vulnerability and penetration testing ensures that our platform remains secure
  • Database backup processes leverage the concept of read replicas, updated in real time in different geographic regions. Automated daily backups are made across the entire database instance
  • Robust controls in place maintain security and data protection in the cloud and comply with SOC 2 Security & Availability requirements

Our Partners

Developed to adapt to your changing needs, TrackTik provides you with the foundation to expand to new markets and locations as well as add workflows and scope to your services.
Built from the bottom up, TrackTik is the most flexible, adaptable, and configurable workforce management platform available on the market.  Our multi-feature platform connects field personnel to management and clients using a suite of industry-leading guard management tools, powerful business intelligence modules, and automated financial management solutions.