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What kind of security firms need an integrated platform?

I run my security operations without automation

Your daily headache: Your guard-reporting software is not exactly modern. It’s actually pen and paper, which does not fall under the “technology” category, earning you no points for innovation in the bidding process. Or you still have technology that experiences 90s issues such as downtime, uploading delays, or needing a fax and scanner, or worse… a pipe and wand!

I use several systems that are not integrated for different aspects of my business

Keeping you up at night: You use a variety of software solutions — one for guard scheduling, another for payroll and invoicing, and a different system for patrol reporting. Oh, and let’s not forget your homemade dispatch “software.” Unfortunately, the data you meticulously collected in your numerous spreadsheets does not integrate with this software, creating siloed information that is almost impossible to analyze and valorize.

My clients and I are unable to make data-driven decisions

#1 stress factor: You don't have access to reporting and analytics tools that allow you to centralize the data collected in the field, identify trends on sites and properties, or plan for and predict future incidents. Since you don’t have a clear view into your data, you're unable to efficiently mitigate and manage risk. Your client is unhappy, and you're at risk of losing this account as well as others.

Our Solution

TrackTik is a mobile, web-based software solution designed for the security industry. It's a multi-feature platform that connects field personnel to management and clients.

Security Operations Suite:
Unsurpassed guard-management tools offered through our Guarding Suite and Mobile Patrol Suite

Security Operations Suite

Workforce Management Platform

Back Office Management Suite

Back Office Management Suite:
A powerful suite of business-intelligence modules and automated financial-management solutions

Security Workforce Management Platform:
An intuitive security workforce management platform that provides actionable insight through integrated field operation and back-office solutions

How we help customers like you...

Penelope is the CEO of an international security firm. With a constant focus on differentiating her firm from the competition, Penelope leans on technology to help her company reach the next level. From data collection to analytics, through streamlining day-to-day operations and cost efficiency, she demands consensus across all stakeholders.


Challenged by national accounts and her current clients’ demand for technology and visibility, Penelope ensures that SLAs are met and can be reviewed through a single platform. Always on target for her board meetings, Penelope relies on TrackTik to deliver on expected results.

Diego is an operations specialist who’s driven to deliver innovation. He works to ensure that all of his branch managers operate the same way in order to streamline time, information, and costs. Diego is measured on account performance, service delivery, and financial performance and needs to keep a constant eye on the company’s gross margin.


Thanks to TrackTik, Diego is able to mitigate risk and work in full SLA compliance with his clients. The security management platform has allowed him to save on overall headcount and improve employee efficiency. Diego found that the switch to TrackTik keeps him always on point and has vastly improved his productivity through procedural tools, forecasting, and built-in workflows.

Gordon is the CFO of a large organization. Ever-changing technology, regulations, and stakeholder scrutiny put him under an enormous amount of pressure to deliver strategies, innovation, and a great bottom line. Gordon cannot afford to get distracted and needs accurate information that the company can capitalize on. He also needs to be able to predict the company’s future and the impact of long-term decisions while making data- and stats-based decisions that support the growth of the bottom line. Because TrackTik’s Back Office Management Suite is always on, Gordon can rely on the information he needs whenever he needs it.

James is the chief security officer (CSO) of a multinational financial institution and reports directly to the CEO. He is challenged with reducing risk and protecting assets across the country and around the world at the bank’s branches, mission-critical call centers, cash-processing locations, and data centers. James has a team of regional security directors who are tasked with identifying trends, predicting the bank’s next threat, and working with security providers from around the globe.

How do James and his team do this? They insist that their contract security providers run their operations on TrackTik so as to provide the corporate security team with the tools and peace of mind they need to ensure that they are always on point.

Serena never stops. She owns a security firm and is enjoying amazing growth. Serena is the business planner, human resources manager, customer service rep, marketing pro, and technology expert. She is happy to be growing but needs technology that will help her get to the next level and grow with her business.

TrackTik allows her to manage her employees, support her sales and marketing efforts with branded material, provide her clients with visibility, and eliminate the majority of tasks she was doing manually. She doesn’t need to change her procedures because TrackTik is flexible and can accommodate her needs. Serena is happy that she gets to grow into the solution knowing that TrackTik is always on for her.

Tony is an IT professional at a large security service provider. He is helping the operations team automate their service delivery while supporting the finance and administration team become more efficient. Tony has been asked for his input regarding a security workforce management software that will become the backbone of the company’s operations and service delivery. This critical software must be always on, robust, and dependable. Tony quickly realized that he needed a professional SaaS-based solution to ensure business continuity.

TrackTik was the only way to ensure that Tony’s colleagues deliver on their promise to put the right guard in the right place at the right time.

How does your business benefits from using TrackTik?

Feel secure with all the benefits of TrackTik

Run your company in complete security and with full peace of mind thanks to the many benefits TrackTik can offer your business.

Peace of mind

Know in real time if employees are late or fail to come to work. Get a centralized view of your operations so you’re always on top of what’s happening.


Increase employee performance and accountability thanks to TrackTik’s constant monitoring and the reduction of administrative work by fully automating tasks and workflows.

Rapid Development Platform

Expand your business using security models that extend your reach and keep a close eye on your employees.

Enterprise-Class Infrastructure

Benefit from a superior infrastructure that maximizes performance, monitors in real time, and keeps your operations working efficiently around the clock.

Business Intelligence

Organize and centralize your post orders, schedules, time logs, reports, inspections, employee database, and client notes. Store and retrieve information quickly to keep your business running smoothly.

Manage change and integration

Seamlessly integrate TrackTik into your current business and workforce. Manage any changes with ease and without disruption.

Why do security firms need TrackTik’s leading Security Workforce Management Platform?

Operations & Data

- Increased efficiency, time savings, and reduced cost
- Accessible integrated data, better decisions, planning, and risk management


- Capture all incidents and operations data
- Optimize deployment
- Increased transparency, accountability, and reliability

Tasks & Processes

- Increased efficiency and profitability
- Assured customer retention
- Secured competitive edge

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