Efficient management of physical security operations

TrackTik empowers you to run more efficient operations with numerous features that dramatically reduce manual tasks, shorten distances travelled between sites, and prevent scheduling errors that waste time and energy.

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Guarding Suite
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Hassle-free security guard scheduling

With TrackTik’s intelligent schedule builder, match your guards to the site requirements and manage attendance exceptions easily. Build a template, replicate it to avoid unnecessary manual scheduling, and free up time for more important tasks.

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Mobile patrol route optimization

For mobile patrol, TrackTik can create optimized patrol routes so your guards are taking the best routes possible between sites. You won’t have trouble meeting SLAs knowing your guards are taking the fastest routes.

Route Optimization
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Hands-off security guard billing and payroll

Manually piecing together invoices can take countless hours and lead to frustration. With TrackTik, invoices are automatically populated from completed shifts. The software can also generate payroll-ready data to feed into your payroll prep system.

Back Office Suite
icon dispatch

Effortless security guard dispatching

Our software helps dispatchers respond to alerts faster by enabling them to view and choose guards for dispatch based on their proximity to the site.

Service Dispatch
Work Smarter

Raise the standards of the physical security industry

TrackTik enables you to take a fresh look at your operations and rethink your processes with efficiency in mind. Make a real difference to how you manage security and demonstrate your progress to your stakeholders. Learn more about how TrackTik brings efficiency to your security operations.

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