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Meet Mark Folmer, Our VP Security Industry



How is the security industry is evolving? Mark Folmer explains why TrackTik is a crucial piece in the security delivery puzzle thanks to innovative technology that helps you run your security business in an efficient and measurable manner.



Hi, my name is Mark Folmer, TrackTik’s Vice President, Security Industry.

To understand why I think that TrackTik is a differentiator, I think it would be helpful to know a little bit more about me and what motivates me. After 15 years on the security service side, I spent the last 5 years working in the corporate security department for a major telecommunications company here in Canada. In short, I consider myself a security generalist with an entrepreneurial spirit. The security service industry is a business service like any other. That said, the major difference is that the benefits are tangible and intangible all at the same time.

I think the security industry is changing because threats are ever present and risks are changing. Corporate security departments feel the pressure to professionalize, certify, measure their ROI and report on the security information they are gathering and the security activities they are running. Accountability for safety and security is moving from being just operational to also being strategic. I think it’s going from being sort of at the middle management level to the board level where brand reputation and major incidents are being considered and evaluated as they impact the company as a whole.

I think complexity is increasing within the industry. Security departments have to go beyond hoping that they know what’s going on to being sure they know what’s going on. This is where TrackTik helps security departments and security providers go beyond that basic function of gathering data. It allows them to harness the data and to manipulate it and allow them to make security decisions from the information they gathered. It has to be a joint effort between the security service provider and the corporate security department. When they want to match what the service level agreements that are dictated by the client with the KPI’s that the security company has been running, is where there is the biggest win-win.   

If I had to put my finger on a one single factor of why the technology makes a difference, I would say that it simultaneously addresses the security service company and end user issues/pains. The ultimate goal is simple, run your security operation in a measurable and efficient manner and then deliver better service for your customers.

Thanks for watching, stay tuned for more videos from TrackTik.


Mark Folmer, CPP, MSyI

Vice President, Security Industry

[email protected]

Twitter: @markfolmer & @TrackTik