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Who can use TrackTik security guard software?

With TrackTik’s intelligence security operations management tools, you can assess the nitty gritty of any threat landscape.

That’s why TrackTik is trusted and used by security businesses of any size and any region, serving any sort of clientele, ranging from sports centers, hotels, etc. In-house corporate security teams managing internal or outsourced officers can also reap the benefits of TrackTik for their own security needs.

Security guard incident reporting

Every security environment is unique with its own set of challenges and stressors. Bearing the brunt of unpredictable behavior and incidents are your frontline security guards. To make their jobs easier and to ensure you have the most efficiently-run security operation, give your guards the means to report problems as and when it unfolds. 

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Security guard standing watch

Live dashboard for your security operations

Using TrackTik’s live dashboard, you are in a better position to respond to incidents. Knowing where your guards are located allows you to make sure the right guards get to the site of the incident promptly. With detailed instructions on their TrackTik-enabled smartphones, your guards will know how to respond to specific incidents.

Improved security operations management

As the practice of security operations management evolves, the key factor to a seamless workflow is to underpin it with a data strategy. With our robust operational intelligence tools, not only can you manage your healthcare security operations with ease, but you can also justify the value of your security operations to your stakeholders. With accurate data at hand, you can pinpoint areas of improvement and optimize your processes as well.

From hospital security to arena security and everything in between

TrackTik is a flexible software that you can customize keenly. At its crux, any security operation can enjoy the benefits of an automated and intelligent software that eliminates human error and slow manual systems.