Montreal, Canada, June 9, 2021TrackTik Software, an innovative and growing cloud-based security workforce management software, proudly announces an integration between QuickBooks Online and TrackTik’s Back Office Management Suite. Security firms using TrackTik’s Back Office Management Suite can now connect to QuickBooks Online and automatically start syncing payroll expense, liability reporting, and billing daily and updating that information in QuickBooks Online with each transaction. 

This integration not only helps security companies automate payroll expense, liability reporting, and billing, saving them both valuable resources and money, but it also allows small and medium-sized companies to leverage the powerful features of both TrackTik and QuickBooks Online. 

Brian Strasser, Senior Director of Partnerships at TrackTik, said, “With the new connector for TrackTik and QuickBooks Online, our SMB customers can benefit from automating payroll expense and billing data entry from TrackTik to QuickBooks Online. The connector also significantly reduces time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry between the two systems.” 

The Connector for TrackTik and QuickBooks Online automatically syncs payroll expense, liability reporting, and billing data from TrackTik to QuickBooks Online. Payroll sync captures the previous day’s approved and locked pay runs in TrackTik and creates an invoice in QuickBooks Online. Billing sync captures all payment transactions and easily reconciles TrackTik sales, invoices, and credit memos in QuickBooks Online. 

The QuickBooks Online integration by Amaka is part of TrackTik 360 – TrackTik’s partnership program that delivers the best possible solutions to add value to security organizations and their clients. TrackTik builds relationships with strategic partners like Amaka to extend the power of TrackTik solutions and help them run smarter businesses.

“Our partnership with Amaka is very exciting because Amaka is making use of our API-based architecture to create the connection between TrackTik and QuickBooks Online,” said Simon Ferragne, CEO and founder of TrackTik. “Our extensible API facilitates connections to any other data source; in this case QuickBooks Online. The fact that third parties can now build integrations using our APIs precisely illustrates how we deliver added value to our clients.” 

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