Hassle-free security incident reporting

The reporting template can be configured as needed and can include timestamps, GPS location, preconfigured site locations, and images to meet the requirements of your security environment and your stakeholders. You can mix and match free text and drop-down options to further streamline incident reporting on the go.

Incident Reporting

Timely security reporting data

Another benefit of being able to compile reports from a mobile device is that you do not have to wait until a security officer returns to their work station to compile a paper report. By receiving reports in a timely manner, you’ll be better equipped to make strategic decisions based on the info they contain and will be able to communicate to your stakeholders while your reporting data is still relevant.

Real-time communication between security managers and frontline personnel

Not only can you customize your reports to meet your needs, but you can also create different approval levels and email notifications along the report creation process. This will enable management and stakeholders to take the necessary actions and steps when an incident occurs. You won’t have to wait until your next meeting to let the right people know you need a broken door fixed or a leaking pipe welded.

With the real-time communication between security managers and frontline personnel, you can get a more accurate and up-to-date view of your operations and manage them in the most efficient way possible.

Incident Reporting