Twenty years versus three weeks: sounds almost like David v. Goliath. That is to say a grossly unfair competition, seriously, how can three weeks ever beat out twenty years? There is at least one way.

What am I referring to when I say twenty years, surely not my age (been there and done that, twice in fact) I am referring to twenty years in the security industry. An industry commonly described as: a dinosaur, conservative, a necessary evil, a cost of doing business, bricks and mortar, amongst others… For those that know me they know that I consider myself a <security guy>. I enjoy the discipline of security, working with security people, reading about it, managing it, applying it, delivering it and looking for ways to align a business’ objectives to its security stance (and vice versa).

Ok, if that is the case, then what am I referring to when I say three weeks? Yup you guessed it, I have a whopping three weeks of experience working in a software company. One says software company and people immediately think of a variety of things, namely, start-up, denim dress codes, lofts, open work areas, ping pong tables, the digital economy, to name a few…

Not to be mistaken for a start-up built on smoke and mirrors, TrackTik has been making waves in the Security Industry. Like the security professionals we support and enable, TrackTik works today, everyday, 24 hours per day, and 365 days per year. We work with security companies, agencies and corporate security departments around the world. TrackTik is actively changing how the physical security industry collects, uses, stores, reacts to and manages information that is generated by the thousands of security professionals operating in the field. The idea is to equip security service providers with the tools that they need to operate a more efficient business and deliver on being the best company that they can be while, at the same time, arm corporate security departments and agencies with the data they need to, when incorporated in their security structure, make data driven security/safety decisions.

What have I found out after only three weeks in? Forget the stereotypes (yes they do exist here and there) but they are not what drive our business. I found an environment where people are driven by being business owners, sharing ideas & resources, open communication, agility, being creative, and where there is a profound desire to affect change to enable clients to be better. In a few short words, my new colleagues are professional at what they do, open to learning and driven to build the best product designed to change/improve the security industry.

At the outset of this article, I asked how would three weeks fare versus twenty years? For this <security guy> there is one way, namely, in a calculation where success is measured by a win-win. When the win-win is actually a sum of both, meaning, 20 years AND three weeks… all the while looking forward to the next twenty years.