Each and every one of us continues to navigate our way through the pandemic and face unique life circumstances around COVID-19 and what some would call the “new normal.” We wanted to send an impactful message to our workforce “We Care.” 

We couldn’t think of a better month to launch our latest health initiative — #WellnessDays 

“As a Leadership Team, the decision was unanimous. Rethink how we work (work smarter, not longer), allow ourselves to recharge our batteries, create better headspace, reduce stress, adopt a healthier work/life balance, and increase personal quality time for everyone at TrackTik. All this, without impact to compensation or personal vacation days,” says Simon Ferragne, TrackTik’s founder & CEO. 

“Our team received the message loud and clear: We care, we want you healthy, and we want you happy.  Beginning in May, moving through June & July, every second Friday will be a #WellnessDay at TrackTik. The response to our wellness initiative was heartfelt by everyone in the organization when announced last week,” says Michelle Robertson, VP of Talent. 

Numerous studies show that helping your employees stay happy and healthy leads to a more engaged and productive workforce, and we are all for that at TrackTik!

About TrackTik

TrackTik was founded in 2013 and quickly established itself as a market leader with the mission to build better software so its clients can run smarter businesses. TrackTik’s AI-driven technology enables security organizations to connect frontline staff, back office management, and their clients to drive improved operational efficiency and data insights. TrackTik helps security professionals make automated, data-driven decisions with its cloud-based seamless approach to system connectivity. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, with employees in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, TrackTik offers four integrated suites of tools – Security Operations for Guarding, Back Office Management, Mobile Patrol and Dispatch, and Business Intelligence & Reporting Analytics, to help security service companies follow the progression of guards, reduce manual tasks, lower costs, and demonstrate value.

#Wellness Days