Want to make your security services business stronger, more efficient, and profitable?

Then hang with me through this analogy.

Not that long ago, a person who wanted to show off his strength would reveal his bulging biceps. Remember Popeye the Sailor? Today, six-pack abs have become the way to flash your fitness.

While running your security services business, you have optimized it in a step-by-step approach, developing piecemeal solutions, both technological and procedural, that make your security operation more efficient and profitable.

This step-by-step approach is a little like walking into the gym and training on whatever weight machine comes your way. As a result, you may develop bulging biceps and rippling abs. These are meaningful accomplishments that reveal high performance in a limited range of operation, but…

Optimize Your Entire Business with Technology

What if what you really want is to easily carry your kids up the stairs, move furniture around, and take out the garbage while reading your email? This piecemeal approach to optimizing your strength is not the way to go. What you want is total-body strength.

Any good personal trainer will tell you that total-body strength comes from a well-designed training routine that involves many muscle groups working together at the same time.

Similarly, to attain maximum success in your security services company — to make it stronger, more efficient, and profitable — you need an approach that involves and unites the many functions of your company in a well-designed, well-integrated technology.

From frontline officers to back-office processes, your entire company needs to be united on one data-driven workforce management platform that would be as mission-critical as your accounting system.

Pumping Data

Now, as one of your piecemeal solutions, you may have installed a security technology to manage your workforce or a module thereof (to respond perhaps to a client need). This module makes one of your company functions more efficient and effective — the equivalent of a bulging biceps.

But if your entire operation is integrated on one workforce management platform, you can:

  1. Deliver more detailed information about how you are meeting the requirements of your Service Level Agreements with clients. Such detailed data builds client confidence because you are more accountable, reliable, and transparent — the top three qualities, according to our 2016 survey, that buyers of security services look for.
  2. Get more insight into your business and security operations, so you can make better decisions. Well-conceived business intelligence can highlight opportunities for greater efficiency in your firm (e.g., overtime costs, reduced liability, etc.). Analytics of your security operations (e.g., location and type of incidents, individual guard performance, etc.) can help you drop the guesswork out of your decisions to create more peace of mind.
  3. Offer more value to clients. Going against the cost-cutting trends in the industry, you have the opportunity to charge more for more value delivered (supported by data).

Number Crunches

Even if this vision of your better business — big cost-savings, streamlined operations, greater operational insight, and happier clients — seems exciting, a part of your mind still turns on the cold shower that says, “This kind of evolution of my business is going to cost me.”

Let me just say that building the business case for such an evolution in your business is something we do every day. Like personal trainers, our team works closely with our clients to help them implement this holistic vision of a more efficient and profitable security services business. In fact, it is this close collaboration with our clients that fuels our rocket-propelled growth.

Not sure? Intrigued? Have pains that you cannot seem to fully and finally address? Ask me how we can help you save with the right security technology! Send me a note. I love learning and helping!