Superhero movies might be in vogue, but the seemingly outlandish threats averted by these extraordinary beings seem to be materializing in our “off-screen” lives as well. The swashbucklers thwarting threats in “real life” are security guards (among others) who are tackling an increasingly complex risk environment. They are solving problems on the fly and in real time in an effort to keep us safe.

As a security operations manager, you need to give your heroes – your frontline security staff – the tools to overcome the challenges they face every day. Tools such as Sonim’s ultra-rugged Android mobile phones, including the XP7 and XP8 integrated with TrackTik’s security workforce management software, can make all the difference in a security guard’s unpredictable work environment.

With these in place, you can expect more from your security staff and prepare for any unearthly encounter. In fact, here are 5 things that your guard can do with a TrackTik-enabled Sonim device:

  1. Patrol your Antarctic research center
    Patrol your Antarctic research centerThe average temperatures at the tip of the Earth hover around -20 degrees Celsius or -4 degrees Fahrenheit. Staying warm is one of the foremost necessities in this harsh region, which is why guards securing your South Pole research facility need a sturdy phone that’s operational in extreme temperatures with a glove-friendly phone display. Your researchers might be doing important scientific work that could better mankind, but your guard is protecting your center and enabling their great work. Without taking off their gloves, they need to check emails, check post instructions on the TrackTik app and take a photo for the ages (with a cheeky polar bear photo-bombing in the back).
  2. Control rowdy crowds at Times Square
    Control rowdy crowds at Times SquareIt’s New Year’s Eve, your business borders the tourist hub of New York’s celebration of neon and flashing lights: Times Square. It’s noisy, it’s chaotic and your guards are trying their hardest to keep their focus and redirect the rowdy crowd away from your perimeter. What if you notice something on the control center and need to send that information (through the TrackTik app) out to your officers’ device? Under normal circumstances with those decibels of noise, your guard is unlikely to hear the notification. But what if that wasn’t the case? With a Sonim mobile phone, your guards won’t miss a beat. With a 100dB+ extra loud audio, the rowdiest of Times Square tourists won’t be able to deter your guard’s duties.
  3. Builder and save the day!
    Save the dayTaking a page out of the last Mission Impossible movie: acrobatic miscreants are laying siege to your building by cascading up its exterior walls and you’re scrambling to secure your facility. You don’t have to worry if your guards have a Sonim XP7 mobile phone in hand (and supporting wire) – a device that can withstand free fall drops from any angle at a height of 6.5 ft. They’ll be able to pursue the gravity-defying assailants and chase them down. What if the assailant is on wheels once they hit the ground and your guard is face-to-face with them? Out of a fit of rage, the assailant, unhappy with how durable your guards’ mobile phone is and how accurately she’s been communicating with the command center (through the TrackTik messaging portal), decides to drive straight into your guard to scare her. She jerks away, drops the phone and the criminal’s car drives over it. As the criminal pulls away and your guard picks up the mobile phone unharmed – due to its pressure, shock and puncture resistance – the criminal has had enough and attempts to drive away.
  4. Clean up, no matter the spill
    Clean up, no matter the spillWe’re back to a research center (where most of the good action takes place) and the location of many mishaps – or spills that have spill-over effects on our everyday lives. If your lab has a chemical spill problem and pandemonium has ensued with the fire sprinklers setting off, one thing that won’t let you down is the Sonim mobile phone in your guard’s hand, which is water, oil and chemical-proof.
  5. Conserve history and protect the Giza pyramids
    Conserve history and protect the Giza pyramidsThere’s a new league of miscreants on everybody’s radar: a ragtag band of history aficionados looting the most precious relics in the world. If you’re in charge of protecting Tutankhamun’s tomb as well as the many pyramids in Giza, Egypt, then your guard needs a long-lasting device that is also completely dust-proof.

Setting new standards

Sonim has set the standard for ultra-rugged mobile phones. Built to function in the world’s most extreme environments, the Sonim Rugged Performance Standards (RPS) consist of 12 benchmarks of endurance and durability.

Sonim’s belief is that “in mission-critical situations, communication failure is not an option.” And so, every Sonim mobile phone is “designed and built to meet the most punishing, demanding, exacting standards in the industry.”

Founded on the same principles, TrackTik is setting the industry standard for security workforce management software. Sonim is a technology partner of TrackTik. To join the TrackTik network of partners, read more here.