Take scheduling to the next level

As anyone who manages a security team knows, there’s a lot more that goes into security operations than merely sending guards out on patrol. From managing shift schedules and communicating special instructions to guards, to ensuring that payroll and client reporting is handled effectively, there are many mundane daily tasks that can take up quite a bit of your valuable time.

With modern security officer scheduling software, however, your team can become significantly more efficient, thanks to a streamlined operating system. Here are just a few of the ways that security officer scheduling software can improve your company’s operations.

Eliminate the paperwork

We live in a digital age when smartphones and social media seem to have taken over the world. So doesn’t it make sense for your security scheduling to catch up with modern trends? Incredibly, however, many security companies continue to rely on physical paper reporting for providing shift assignments, tracking guard clock-in/clock-out times, and even filing incident reports.

The thing is, paper reports can be easily misplaced or lost in the shuffle, leading to miscommunications between you, your guards, and your clients. And they’re wasteful! Modern scheduling software eliminates much of your team’s paper needs by transferring this daily paper load to a digital format. Guards and clients are notified of shift scheduling via email or text message, while timekeeping is performed automatically at electronic stations. When scheduling alerts and other information is sent directly to your team’s smartphones, you’ll never need to worry about an important memo to your guards getting misplaced.


The digitization of scheduling, timekeeping, and other daily tasks doesn’t just reduce paperwork–it can also give you more time to take care of important management tasks. Security officer scheduling software is fully customizable, but it also provides plenty of automation options that allow you to spend less time micromanaging mundane aspects of your business.

For example, scheduling templates can generate shift schedules for each week in only a few moments, utilizing specific information regarding your clients and guards to ensure that the right officers are assigned to the right shifts. Modern software also automates many other important elements of your business, including billing and invoicing for clients, payroll and timekeeping, and even reporting.

With automation software, you can spend less time worrying about these mundane tasks and more time focusing on the things that will actually grow your business–like reaching out to potential clients or providing improved training to your guards.

Increased accountability

Finally, advanced security officer scheduling software can also streamline your operations by improving your company’s accountability. This is especially relevant in keeping your guards accountable to both you and your clients. Electronic timekeeping ensures that your employees show up on time to their shift (you can’t forge an electronic check-in, after all), while GPS tracking allows you to keep tabs on your team at all times.

Even more importantly, today’s software includes such features as real-time incident reporting and live video recording, which allows your guards to provide an immediate alert in the case of an incident. After a disputed incident report, a combination of video recording and GPS tracking could make all the difference in proving what actually occurred – protecting both your company and your team members.


By eliminating paperwork, automating mundane tasks, and improving employee accountability, modern security officer scheduling software can help your company become more efficient and provide superior service to your clients. Not only will this allow you to maintain a positive working relationship with your clients; it will also create a better working environment for your guards and backend operations staff. And with these building blocks in place, your security firm will be in a better position than ever to attract new clients and achieve lasting success.