TrackTik is getting involved with Fondation Marie-Vincent and Marvin on the Rock.

Marvin on the rock is an annual event where a dozen influential business leaders take to the stage to deliver a musical performance to raise money for Fondation Marie-Vincent. The 5th edition of Marvin on the Rock, hosted by Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin and Patrice Bélanger, will take place on March 22nd 2018 at Montreal’s Arsenal venue on rue William, get your tickets here. The musical direction will be led by Marc Hervieux and Florence K, who have been working with the performers to prepare them for the event.

The road to Marvin on the rock

I am both excited and nervous about March 22nd, when I will be performing live on stage for the first time in many years, to support the Fondation Marie-Vincent, and to help prevent sexual violence towards children.

Live performance is ingrained in TrackTik’s culture. One member of the team (Clerel Djamen), who will be performing on-stage with us, is the lead singer of Montreal funk & soul outfit The Hurt.

Please help support a family in need by donating now. Every little bit helps.

The songs we’ve chosen to perform and why?

“Ain’t no mountain high enough”: We chose this song to shed light on TrackTik’s growth and to remind ourselves that “we can overcome anything”, relating to the hardships these children have faced.

“We are family”: We chose this song because at TrackTik support one another as if we were family, and our goal is to support others in the same way.

“Happy”: We chose this song because we love what we do and do it with a smile. Also, this song was at the top of the charts when TrackTik was launched.

Giving back to the community is ingrained in our company culture

Despite my various responsibilities at TrackTik (leading company operations and touching upon areas ranging from legal, to internal communications and client success), I have always enjoyed identifying opportunities to support important causes. Many TrackTik employees are parents themselves (including me), which is why we are particularly affected by children’s causes.

For example, last December École Saint-Vincent-Marie in Montreal North was working to gather 725 holiday gifts for inner city school children. TrackTik became a drop off center for the École Saint-Vincent-Marie gift drive, and I was thrilled to be able to support in gathering the gifts, and not only that, the school exceeded their goal of 725 gifts and was able to spread the love to even more children than they had originally planned. Needless to say, the initiative was a huge success, personally and for the students.

Why did we choose to support Fondation Marie-Vincent?

Fondation Marie-Vincent is a Montreal-based organization which plays a crucial role in the prevention of sexual violence by supporting children, adolescents, parents and professionals in Quebec. Normand Chartand, who sits on TrackTik’s board of directors (and is also director of Montreal’s Espace CDPQ), first introduced me to Fondation Marie-Vincent. Normand has always been an influential voice, and he believed the cause would resonate with TrackTik.

Having two children myself, I was immediately struck by the cause, as were many others in the office. As parents, we were determined to make a difference wherever we could.

TrackTik has committed to raising $50k for this great cause. All funds raised (please make a donation by visiting this page) will provide direct support to children and families victimized by sexual violence.

Our community-minded culture

TrackTik employees are passionate and driven individuals. This dynamic makes for an enthusiastic group who look to make an impact. Our passion is present whenever TrackTik is involved in supporting a cause.

Individual employees are often first to bring initiatives to the forefront (as was the case with Movember). We are confident we can make a difference; When a communal passion is shared, team TrackTik ends up giving it all they’ve got, especially when supporting an important cause.

Please help us reach our $50k goal!

TrackTik has committed to raising $50k to directly support children and families victimized by sexual violence in our communities. Share this article, invite colleagues, family, friends and business contacts for an AWESOME night of fun on March 22nd.

Please help support a family in need and make a donation here!