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Smart security guard services

TrackTik’s security workforce management software automates manual tasks to save time, money and frustration. From optimal route suggestions for patrol to auto generating invoices from guard schedules, the software enables security operations to run smoothly with less time spent on correcting errors.

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Security operation reporting

With a real-time dashboard giving you visibility of your entire security operations, you never have to wonder if your guards are where you need them to be.

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Boost profitability of your security guard business

You don’t have to spend valuable resources supervising your guards or worry about overtime hours absorbing your budget. With TrackTik, you know where your guards are on a live-dashboard and the program will warn you if you are scheduling a guard for overtime hours.

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Stay compliant with SLAs

Make sure you are booking guards with the necessary skills and are abiding by the appropriate regulations with TrackTik. The Scheduling Module will flag any booking that breaks labour laws or doesn’t satisfy skill requirements that you have set.

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Security services analytics and data reports

TrackTik not only captures operational data but automatically generates analytics that can be used to make strategic decisions. Data reports can be customized and easily shared with clients and stakeholders to demonstrate the value of your security operations.

What TrackTik can do for you

TrackTik consists of three software suites packed with features for a comprehensive security workforce management solution.

Guarding Suite

The Guarding Suite is designed to take the mystery and manual labour out of running security operations. You can follow your guards’ tour progress, see a map of their locations, and have incident reports tracked and sent to the appropriate personnel in real-time; all while sitting at a computer.

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Guard Tour

  • Checkpoint tours
  • Post order acknowledgement
  • Watch mode
  • Message board
  • Client portal
  • Live dashboard
  • GPS tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Dynamic map view
  • Panic button
  • Solitary worker
  • Automated SMS and email alerts

Incident Reporting

  • Incident analytics
  • Customizable report templates
  • Customizable incident categories
  • Incident severity levels
  • Incident type sub-forms
  • Customizable reporting exports
  • Branding options
  • GPS location capture on reports

Mobile Suite

It can be challenging to meet SLAs without a real-time awareness of where your guards are in the field. The Mobile suite not only gives you visibility on your mobile guards but makes sure they’re taking the best route for patrol and are the best choice for dispatch.

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Mobile Patrol

  • Runsheets / Active patrol view
  • Reassign requests
  • Progression detail
  • Mobile route optimization
  • Configurable patrol schedule
  • Customized grace periods
  • Patrol status reports
  • Billing verification

Service Dispatch

  • Customizable workflow
  • Warning and alert thresholds
  • Billing timer
  • SLA timer
  • Cancellation timer
  • Email and push notifications by transition
  • Transition forms
  • Closest to site units display
  • Customizable dispatch forms
  • Dispatch now or future time
  • Dispatch analytics
  • Billing verification

Back Office Suite

With a few easy clicks, distribute your resources in the most impactful way possible and manage risk and security across your operations. Pre-empt issues before they become problems with real-time data and keep an exact account of your operations using our all-encompassing Back-Office Suite software.

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  • Vacant shift view
  • Employee distance from site
  • Unconfirmed shift view
  • Skill requirement matching by post
  • SMS shift offering
  • Overtime prevention view
  • Employee availability

Contracts & Invoicing

  • Customizable price tiers
  • Bill premiums
  • Client contract management
  • Customizable billing recurrence
  • Customizable payroll frequency
  • Customizable post-pay rate tiers