One of the biggest challenges that many security guard companies face is implementing a conflict management hierarchy that will allow for a quick and appropriate response to reported incidents. This is especially true when security companies lack the necessary infrastructure and software to enable effective and accurate communication between lone workers and the office staff.

With the help of security guard dispatch software, however, your team can take advantage of several key features that make it easier to successfully manage these situations.

Here are some of the ways security guard dispatch software will improve your incident management capabilities.

Better control of your mobile operations

Having tools to keep you connected to your mobile operations is a great way to maximize your efficiency, productivity and respond to the unexpected. It gives you a structured way to respond to calls based on the type of incident and reduces your response time.

The use of a security dispatch software gives you the ability to follow and better manage your guards. The real-time platform based on the officer’s GPS location allows you to:

  • Dispatch easily with real-time guard status, location and ETA. Your dispatch team will receive real-time updates to help them ensure that SLAs (service level agreement) are met
  • Track alarm response calls and other emergency service requests. Being able to quickly respond to these situations is crucial for you workers’ safety and your client’s satisfaction
  • Keep dispatchers vigilant with status warnings. They are sent to all your team on one single platform, therefore avoiding any miscommunications
  • Re-assign jobs quickly in case a guard doesn’t show up for a shift
  • The easy-to-use interface can be customized to any job type and tasks, from reporting to workflow functions and guard’s training

Furthermore, GPS tracking gives great visibility to your dispatch teams when it comes to preparing runsheets, managing your patrol routes, or establishing automated workflows, in order to increase your mobile team’s efficiency and your client’s satisfaction.

External Communications

Better Conflict Management With the Help of a Security Dispatch SoftwareNot every incident will require the immediate intervention of the client or other response partners, but by utilizing the information presented by security guard dispatch software, you’ll be in a better position to get the right information to the right people. Detailed data provided by the dispatch system (such as exact location, timestamps, and uploaded visuals) is less prone to error as it is relayed to other individuals who need to see it.

In situations where client permission is needed before taking certain actions, this can ensure that your security guard is able to get informed instructions quickly so they can resolve the incident in a timely manner.

When a third-party response is warranted (such as an incident requiring police or fire department intervention), fast and accurate incident reporting can make all the difference between a positive outcome and a disaster.

Effortless Dispatch

Granted, not every conflict will require that you communicate with a client or get help from a response partner. More often than not, your first course of action will be to reassign one of your other guards to provide assistance or to investigate what triggered an alarm at a client facility.

Security guard dispatch software helps you achieve a faster resolution to the problem by utilizing GPS information and real-time guard status updates to help you determine who you should send. The software even provides ETAs to help you see how long it would take for a reassigned guard to get to the designated location.

As with your communications to third parties, receiving accurate information via your security guard dispatch software enables you to provide all necessary details to a guard before he arrives at the site, ensuring that appropriate measures will be taken to resolve the problem.


By using security guard dispatch software to manage your team, you will ultimately be able to provide a faster response to reported incidents, ensuring that you are better equipped to protect your clients’ interests. With the improved communication, tracking, and accountability offered by these systems, you can establish a more effective conflict management system and deliver better value to your clients.

Better Conflict Management With the Help of a Security Dispatch Software
Better Conflict Management With the Help of a Security Dispatch Software