Of the many tasks and responsibilities that go into running a security guard business, the end goal is always the same: delivering superior service to meet (or exceed) client expectations. Of course, meeting these expectations isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to managing guard schedules in an effective manner.

The use of staff scheduling software can make a huge difference in your ability to improve your profit margins by reducing overtime scheduling and automating data entry, but it can also directly impact client satisfaction.

Here’s how.

Site & Guard Requirements

Each client site is different – and as such, some of your clients may have specific requirements regarding the guards who patrol their facility. You don’t want to make the mistake of assigning the wrong guard to the wrong shift. Assigning a guard who isn’t trained for the responsibilities of a particular site could cause a problematic incident, while double booking guards for the same shift can create its own set of issues.

Security staff scheduling software helps you avoid these common stumbling blocks by allowing you to store information related to site requirements and guard capabilities in the same platform. This effectively prevents your team from accidentally assigning the wrong guard, ensuring that you’ll always send a person with the right capabilities and clearances to a client’s facility.

In addition, staff scheduling software will present shift information in an easy to read calendar that highlights which patrols have already been assigned. This way, your team can quickly identify which assignments still need to be made so they can get the right guards to the right shifts to keep your clients happy.

Avoiding Missed Shifts

Automate the scheduling and communication processOne of the worst things that can happen to your scheduling team is to assign a guard to a shift and then not have anybody show up. Whether the result of a guard falling ill shortly before their shift was scheduled to start or a miscommunication over time off requests, having a no-show is a sure way to lose the confidence of your clients and increase your liability.

Staff scheduling software helps you avoid these mishaps by storing all relevant scheduling information in one place. The system displays which guards are available to fill in for that shift, allowing the office staff to easily reassign a different guard to fill the vacancy.

Another beneficial option for your company is shift bidding. Often referred to as self-scheduling, shift bidding is an operational process in which a large part of employee scheduling is put into the hands of the employees. The employer can use a first come first served system by sending an SMS to all selected officers and the first to respond will be assigned to the shift. Another option is to send the SMS by sequence. The messages will be sent to the officers based on a list created by the employer. The option allows you to choose the delay between each SMS that does not get a response. You can also offer different rates during the shift bidding

By providing an easy to navigate platform that displays which guards are available, already assigned to a shift, or unavailable, you’ll be able to ensure that your shifts are always filled. Better yet, staff scheduling software can automate the communication process, sending text messages and emails to your guards to notify them of upcoming shifts or scheduling changes so that they arrive on time.

More Time

Use dashboards to generate actionable insightsFreeing up more time for your back office staff doesn’t merely improve things from an internal operations standpoint – it also gives them more time to communicate with clients to resolve service issues, field requests, or make note of any needed adjustments to guard scheduling. In short, value added activities.

To deliver even greater value, a staff scheduling software gives your office team more time to generate actionable insights for your clients using data provided by your security management software. This data allows you to help your client identify potential issues they face and implement steps to improve on-site security.

When your office team is proactive in communicating with your clients and goes above and beyond by providing them with helpful information, they’ll be able to recognize how you truly add value to their facility. By demonstrating that you are actively engaged in improving your client’s well-being, they will continue to value your service and stick with you for the long haul.


By automating your scheduling process with an advanced staff scheduling software, you will offer a reliable and well-organized solution to your clients by decreasing the risk of guards not showing up on site or over staffing for a particular job, mistakes that often lead to client unsatisfaction. And to keep your clients satisfied, this platform simplifies their communications with your office team about any potential issues.