Technology can help by providing you with all the right tools to make the lives of your field teams and back-office workers easier. Face it, we all want efficient processes, productive workers, and happy clients. We need to ensure that your field teams have the real-time information they need to effectively carry out their daily tasks to achieve these goals for property management companies.

Field Service Workforce Management software helps property managers manage and optimize the activities of their field-based workers. Managers and supervisors use the software to assign field workers to tasks and monitor their performance. Field workers use it to find information about their daily duties and tasks, report on their work, and optimize the time and resources required for each job. 

Top 10 benefits of Field Service Workforce Management Software 

  • Dispatch workers like security officers, technicians, or housekeepers  based on the type of work, their availability and the locations of the properties to be serviced 
  • Help managers prioritize fieldwork and optimize the resources required for each job
  • Provide information to field workers on their tasks and how to complete them
  • Deliver dashboards, detailed analytics, and reports for property managers to track ongoing activities and field worker performance
  • Document the work performed by your field teams with detailed reports on their progress and accomplishments
  • Customize reports to ensure you are collecting the correct data and share reports with your board of directors and stakeholders
  • Reduce liability by mitigating claims against you and provide proof of work completed
  • Optimize the time and productivity of your deskless workers
  • Address the current shortage of human resources
  • Reduce  high employee turnover by engaging your team with different tasks

Field Service Workforce Management Software Can Help

SaaS-based field service management software helps document and communicate the day-to-day duties of field teams across different initiatives and programs that relate to security, sanitation, maintenance, landscaping, snow removal, and concierge services. You can capture data in real-time and analyze job metrics to improve your team’s efficiency and performance using data analytics and custom reporting. 


The security of your properties is paramount. Our field service workforce management software connects your field team to your back office support team in real-time. Keep your properties, tenants, and field team safe via our mobile app. 


Look for a solution that provides you with a number of options, including must-have cleaning products for COVID 19, tips for eco-cleaning, carpet cleaning, pressure washing, and more. Ensure that your cleaning and sanitation jobs are promptly completed with a field service workforce management solution and complete more work orders with efficient scheduling and dispatch tasks. 

Property Maintenance

In a world that is just now recovering from a global pandemic, clean homes, workplaces, and public spaces have never been more critical. Field service management software can help your teams work smarter, boost productivity, and grow revenue. Be sure to choose a software that provides scheduling, dispatching, and real-time reporting and analytics, to name a few. 

Landscaping and Snow Removal

With GPS tracking, you can make sure your field teams find your properties quickly and efficiently. Using our detailed dashboards, you can make certain landscaping and snow removal activities are performed on time and within budget. Scheduling helps ensure you have an organized view of your landscaping work in progress, including information on the work orders scheduled, the field worker’s name, time of arrival and other details. 

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Join us at the 2022 BOMA International Conference & Expo from June 25-28, 2022, in Nashville, TN. Our team will be on hand in booth 1049 to demonstrate how our field service management solution for Property Management companies helps commercial real estate owners manage and maximize returns from their assets.