Tailor security guard dispatching for each customer

Use the Dispatch module’s flexible framework to design controlled workflows that are customized for your stakeholders’ specific security requirements. This includes being able to define site-specific instructions by job type as well as setting up tailored reporting requirements per task.

These features combine the best of automation with customization to allow you to deliver a personalized service, while also streamlining your dispatch process and saving you time. Set up timed alerts to control the time frame for completing tasks, and align these to your SLA. The result is a dispatch service that accurately mirrors your stakeholders’ priorities.

mobile suite dispatch

Send incident reporting to officers in real time

Set up automated incident alerts to on-duty, available security officers to save time matching guards to jobs. You can also make sure your security personnel are 100% up to speed on the task at hand with easy-to-send dispatch updates. Transitioning between statuses in a workflow is made easy with customizable emails and push notifications guiding your officers. These features enable precision in your dispatch operations and support you in meeting your service targets.

service dispatch operations app screenshot

Live tracking of your dispatch operations

Make sure no incident goes unnoticed and emergency situations are dealt with promptly thanks to real-time tracking. Set warning and alert thresholds for different statuses to ensure vigilance and dispatch effortlessly with real-time security personnel status, location, and ETA. The data gathered allows you to report on job type; account; user; priority; date; month; year; day of the week; and hours per day. This enables you to make proactive service suggestions to improve your stakeholders’ mobile security.