There is immense potential in the collection of data in order to pull tangible insights. Working with software platforms that make reporting, monitoring, and data collection an automated task can effectively streamline the process.

In the security business, providing clients with the highest standard of service and safety is a question of transparency and visibility at all levels of operations. Using data-driven insights to find operational blind spots, increase guard accountability, and augment security service will save time and money for security firms — and drive better security for organizations.

Consolidating valuable field information regarding your security operations, with the help of technology, can ensure that you are getting the most out of your workforce, and delivering on client expectations.

Below, we’ve outlined the benefits to harnessing technology in order to make informed decisions.

Guard Accountability

Traditionally, the frontline has always been an area of uncertainty for security firms. This is not to say that frontline staff are performing their job roles incorrectly, it’s that there have been no mechanisms in place for effective reporting and monitoring beyond pen and paper. Today, security service providers have access to platforms that make these processes simple, boosting accountability.  And with a drive in accountability comes a increase in performance levels: evaluating employee competency with newly accessible data is a surefire way to raise performance across the board.

Reviewing guards’ reactions to incidents, employee evaluations, scheduling, and overtime can be closely monitored to ensure that operations are running smoothly.

Tools For Guard Success

Tapping into the Power of Data to Grow Your Security Business

Give your team the tools they need to be successful in their mandate. Using technology-based security solutions will facilitate guards in doing their best possible job. Through simple incident reporting and monitoring, logging their activities is streamlined. Officers have everything they could possibly require at their fingertips.

In fact, using a security management platform clarifies what your employee expectations are, as deliverables are clearly listed.

Operational Efficiency

When providing a service to clients, it’s essential that your operational processes are as efficient as possible — allocation of resources is key to supporting your business. Often, the data collected during the reporting and monitoring process can determine potential blind spots on the client site, and where company assets are being overused despite the absence of necessity.

Finding these points within the security operation are essential to managing scalable business growth.

Budgetary Allocation

With accessible, real-time data for on-duty activities, it becomes a simple process to identify where more budget should be allocated in order to properly abide by a client’s Service-Level Agreement (SLAs). In turn, it also becomes possible to determine where budget may be going to waste, for example, if too many guards are on duty.

In essence, having access to this quantitative information allows you to justify your rate to clients.

Detailed Reporting

Tapping into the Power of Data to Grow Your Security BusinessData collected during shifts can become an important source of information and provides visibility on your operations. Equipped with this data, you garner the ability to provide detailed reporting for your clients. This transparency not only encourages accountability, but also demonstrates tangible value that would have otherwise been difficult to present to clients.

Instilling trust is made that much easier when you have visible data ready and waiting to share.

Best-In-Class Service

Delivering a high standard of service to clients is at the core of what drives business. Using data to analyze and refine your security strategy is crucial to making insight-driven decisions. Efficient security operations translates into effective risk mitigation.

Ensuring top notch service for your clients is paramount to driving client satisfaction, client retention, and capturing new business.


Using technology to bridge the gap as a security service provider makes business sense. Save valuable time and money through building out your strategy in a refined, data-driven manner. Working software solutions like TrackTik will not only streamline your operations, but allow you and your team to meet and exceed client expectations.

A technology platform makes data collection seamless. It can benefit your business in many different areas, from your staff, to your spend, to your delivery.