Managing a remote workforce, many of whom perform their shifts completely on their own, can be challenging, to say the least.

From ensuring employee accountability to tracking information for payroll, there are many ways that outdated processes and human error can slow down your back office work, causing your company to miss out on key opportunities to deliver quality services and/or run efficiently.

With the assistance of a security workforce management software that includes real time tracking, however, this doesn’t have to be the case. By taking steps to implement the use of real time tracking in your company, you can reduce the problems associated with old processes, saving headaches and increasing profits.

Here’s how dynamic tracking can ease the burden on your back office team.

Guard Safety

It’s one thing to know that a security guard has shown up for his shift, it’s quite another to know that everything is going okay as he is performing his rounds. Dynamic security guard tracking completely solves this issue.

With GPS integration and the establishment of patrol zones, you can monitor a guard’s progress as he makes his way through his shift. And with push notifications and instant alerts, you’ll immediately know if your guard has entered an unauthorized area or has stayed inactive for too long — which are sometimes the first indicators that they are responding to an incident. Some systems even use video recordings for extra support.

Thanks to the monitoring features available via a security management system that uses a real time tracking device, you can stay alert regarding your guards’ progress during their shift and check in when things seem unusual. If your guard suffers a medical emergency or is injured while responding to an incident and is unable to call for help, an alert from your dynamic tracking system could very well save his life.

Improved Communication

One of the challenges that back office teams face is finding ways to effectively communicate with security guards that are spread out over multiple locations – especially when they need to send someone to assist another guard in resolving an incident.

A solid security workforce management software ensures that your team will always be aware of where each lone worker is currently located.

If one of your guards were to require immediate assistance to resolve an emergency incident, the back office staff could locate the closest available guard simply by looking at the mapping information provided by the tracking devices. This information could then be used to guide the available guard on the fastest route possible to the person in need of assistance, saving crucial minutes that can make all the difference in incident resolution.

The integration of real time tracking systems with smartphones and other devices also enables your operations staff to communicate with lone workers via text or push notification, which can provide faster communications that are less likely to be misinterpreted.

Payroll and Analytics

Managing payroll needs for a widespread workforce can be a major headache. There are a wide range of problems that can affect your ability to accurately track hours. With dynamic tracking, these issues will no longer plague your back office staff. Quality security guard systems can sync information on the cloud in real time as soon as the worker clocks in. Because the information is electronically recorded, you won’t have to worry about accurate timekeeping.

Transmitted data can be automatically linked with your accounting systems, ensuring that payroll information for paychecks and other uses is generated in a matter of minutes, not hours, helping prevent human error and giving your staff more time to focus on delivering better service to your client and improving your bottom line.

Better yet, a security guard management system ensures that everything from payroll to GPS tracking is funneled through a trends and analytics platform. By providing actionable insights regarding your company’s work, you’ll be better able to improve service and retain your clients, leading to a big profitability boost as you further optimize your work.

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