It’s no secret that a good timekeeping system is the key to success for many in the security industry. By improving employee accountability, reporting, and payroll tracking, office management can significantly improve the effectiveness of the entire company’s operation.

So, regarding timekeeping systems and new technology, which innovations can have the biggest impact on your business? Here are a few of the top changes making an impact in the timekeeping world.

Mobile Integration

We take our smartphones everywhere we go – so why not use these handy devices as part of your timekeeping system? With the help of convenient app support as a resource, it has never been easier to manage your employee’s attendance. Employee tracking apps provide an easy to use interface, while push notifications and email alerts ensure that everyone has instant access to important updates and changes.

With mobile integration of your timekeeping system, guards, office staff, and even your clients can stay up to date on pertinent scheduling changes, incident reports, and other key pieces of information.

Automated Scheduling

Scheduling can be one of the most time-consuming and costly elements of your office team’s responsibilities. Leaving this task to human hands can often result in human errors such as assigning the wrong guard to the wrong shift or scheduling too many overtime hours. Such mistakes occur quite easily when your office staff needs to devote several hours each week to this mundane task, and more often than not, lost profits are the unfortunate but common result.

Modern scheduling software has the ability to automate key scheduling tasks based on the capabilities of your guards and the requirements of your clients. User-friendly interfaces still allow your team to make manual scheduling changes when needed. By automatically adjusting schedules to reduce overtime hours, a modern timekeeping system can greatly increase your profitability.

Live Dashboards and Geotracking

Do you know what your guards are doing? Do you know where your closest available guards are if one of your security officers needs assistance? With the help of GPS tracking and live dashboards, you’ll always be in the know.

GPS tracking ensures that your guards are held accountable and stick to their assigned responsibilities, while also giving you a quick and concise overview of what is going on at any given moment. You’ll receive instant alerts if a guard doesn’t show up for their shift or if an unexpected scheduling problem pops up, allowing you to respond quickly and prevent negative outcomes. With an integrated geo fencing tool, you can also delimit authorized and unauthorized areas.

Payroll Management

Much like scheduling, payroll management can sometimes be a tedious and error-prone process. A modern timekeeping system will integrate scheduling with your payroll management, ensuring that your guards are properly compensated for all hours worked (while also accounting for holiday hours, paid time off, and other variables).

As with scheduling automation, simplifying your team’s payroll management responsibilities will help reduce human error and allow them to spend more time focusing on other business growth tasks.

Accounting and Analytics

While security guard payroll makes up a significant part of your operating expenses, it is far from your only business cost! Many advanced timekeeping systems integrate with accounting and analytics functions to give you a clearer picture of which clients are generating the greatest profit, and which ones are incurring unexpected expenses that reduce profitability.

From materials expenses to a high number of incidents that require additional support, analytics tools enable you to pinpoint problems that are causing profit loss, helping you take appropriate action and make changes to these key areas.


With these modern technologies, you’ll be able to improve your security company’s efficiency, improve working conditions for your guards and office staff, and deliver better results for your clients, while growing your business. Each of these improvements will ensure continued profitability for your company in the years to come.

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