Say goodbye to manual security workforce scheduling

Utilizing a cloud-based schedule, you can remove countless admin hours from your work week. TrackTik’s Scheduling module enables you to build templates for a week, two weeks or a custom number of days to be carried over to as many future weeks and months as you would like. This way you don’t have to repeatedly create shifts that are required for months or years at a time. You can still add ad-hoc shifts and change the template at any time so you are not stuck with the templated shifts.

back office scheduling

Optimal security guard dispatching

With TrackTik, you can view officer profiles and availability at a glance, and choose the appropriate guard accordingly. You can also filter available profiles based on the right skill sets such as CPR training to make sure you choose the right security officer as per the customer contract. Plus, with the ability to easily create and publish up-to-date schedules, you make it even easier to get the right person to the right place at the right time.

Keep officers connected

TrackTik SHIFT is a mobile app created to increase shift visibility and fulfillment as well as improve employee engagement for officers. From the app, employees can access the most-up-to-date and accurate schedule of their shifts from the palm of their hands. This effectively decreases any schedule confusion leading up to their shifts. Employees can acknowledge their schedule and shift summaries directly in the app, which helps them manage their time and promotes more efficient shift fulfillment. This flexibility bolsters employee satisfaction within your security organization. Employees can also browse and pick up open shifts on their own accord, cutting down on the time spent filling long-term and last-minute vacant shifts. Employees can also manage their rest breaks, which helps employers support compliance with meals and breaks legislation.

TrackTik SHIFT promotes a greater sense of participation and collaboration between your officers and their supervisors. Empower your employees to stay connected.

TrackTik SHIFT

Boost your security workforce’s performance with improved overtime management

Using the overtime prevention feature, you can make sure your scheduling takes into account overtime, avoiding large discrepancies among your security officers in terms of hours worked. By setting rules and live alerts, you can evenly distribute your shifts to increase staff satisfaction and retention as well as controlling your overtime spending. These live alerts will be present for last-minute shift substitutions as well.