Corporate Security
Guard Tracking Software

Manage budgeting and security guard planning

Every budget gets challenged, but with TrackTik, you can support your business case with robust data. Data insight also allows you to highlight areas where you can save money and justify why you need to spend more. With the right data, you can demonstrate to internal stakeholders how security helps build value in the organization.

Use the insight from TrackTik’s powerful analytics reporting to identify incident trends and address their root causes. This enables you to prevent incidents and improve structural security, reducing corporate risk and exposure.

Measure your security performance and leverage reports

Seeing a reduction of reported incidents, leadership may challenge your spend. Protect your program and position with data showing the value your program and team has delivered and a detailed breakdown of spend. Being able to demonstrate effective risk mitigation can also remind stakeholders of the costs avoided in terms of reputational damage and negative publicity.

Expect more from your outsourced security guard services

When looking for a contract security guard company, you have diligently checked off every box on your search list: from assessing risks and vulnerabilities to talking with your professional network. Yet, one important box may be missing: are they harnessing data to offer reliability? Get the biggest return on your investment by ensuring that your security firm is powered by TrackTik; stay alert of actual hours worked and ensure operational transparency, and accountability.

Share security information with stakeholders

As Enterprise Security Risk Management rises in prominence, the need to share security information and insights with internal stakeholders becomes more pressing. Equipped with the right data, you can deliver critical, value-building information to senior management. As security moves from the basement to the boardroom, you increase the relevancy of security across the organization, taking a seat at the decision table.