Signal 88 is the world’s largest security franchisor, with a focus on providing a full-suite of world class, industry-leading security services for a range of residential, commercial, and institutional clients.

Challenge and Opportunity

The security provider needed a solution that could achieve a wide variety of functions for their security operations, and support them in their goal to grow in a scalable manner.

In close collaboration with TrackTik, Signal 88 was supported in reaching their business goals: whether it be through streamlining their security operations or supporting revenue growth. Laura Vodvarka, VP of Innovation at Signal 88, explains, “TrackTik is the engine behind the operations that Signal 88 provides. The product gives us peace of mind, so that we can focus on the rest of our business.”

In this TrackTik case study, learn more about the strategic partnership, explore how Signal 88 used technology to gain competitive advantage and how TrackTik made it all possible.

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