Make your customers happy, and put a smile on your bottom line

Part of providing a tailored security guard service is using real-life data to design a physical security service offering that meets your customer’s particular needs. This might lead to you having multiple security guard contracts in place with the same customer, to reflect the reality of their different sites. You may be providing different services across your customer’s sites or different conditions may affect your contracting.

Here’s a quick look at some of the variables that may affect your security guard contracts:

  • Are you providing a mobile security service or a physical security?
  • How many locations are in scope?
  • What activities are required at each location?
  • What time frame do you have to complete the activities?
  • Does the schedule encompass unsociable hours?
  • Will expenses need to be covered?
  • Does the schedule fall over the weekend/holidays?
  • What are the applicable overtime rules?
  • What is your invoicing frequency?
  • What are the required skills for employees at each site?

Working in partnership with your customers, you can address each of these questions and draft a contract that accurately reflects each security mandate you’re tasked with delivering on.

The need for a seamless billing process

Is your Security Guard Contract & Invoicing Process Accurate?The next step is to deliver your security services but also to make sure that your billing and invoicing process carries over the terms defined in your service contracts and that you’re not over or underbilling your customers.

The key to accuracy in security invoicing and contracts is centralization and seamless integration. Relying on one platform that aligns scheduling, payroll preparation, and invoicing with your contracts can save you serious headaches in terms of reconciling multiple data sets and delivering invoicing that’s right first time.

Automation means that you can deliver truly tailored contracts that meet all of your customer’s sites’ requirements and not need to worry about how you’ll pull all the threads of your operation together to align contracts and invoicing.

The benefits of a centralized platform for managing security services

When your contracts are embedded in your operations via your security workforce management platform, you’re connecting the ‘theory’ of your SLA with the reality of your services. The data generated will then serve to demonstrate contract and KPI compliance, as well as the aforementioned benefits for payroll preparation and invoicing.

The ultimate benefits of automating your security guard contract processes are increased profitability and client satisfaction thanks to accurate invoicing, and greater personnel retention thanks to accurate payrolls and greater recognition of their skills and training.