Monjon is the premier security provider in Melbourne, Australia, serving many of the region’s leading commercial, retail, construction, high-rise, residential estate, warehousing, infrastructure, private school, and aged care companies. Services include static guards, concierge services, mobile patrols, robots, drones, and electronic and traffic management.

Adopting TrackTik has put Monjon’s clients at the forefront of security technology. At the same time, TrackTik has helped Monjon secure its place as one of Australia’s most dominant physical security providers in the industry.

Here’s how Monjon achieved that title.

1. Challenge: Outdated Systems Prevented Timely Reporting
2. Solution: TrackTik for End-to-End Guard Tracking
3. Benefit: Transparency Delights Customers
4. Benefit: Ad Hoc Reports Create a Competitive Edge
5. Benefit: Green Light From Guards
6. Benefit: Easy Implementation and Timely Transparency
7. Notable Results

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Challenge: Outdated Systems Prevented Timely Reporting

“We’re always looking for advanced technology to give customers the most accurate information in the quickest possible time,” says Bryan Goudsblom, CEO of Monjon. “But the reporting process we had, based on UniGuard, badge readers, and spreadsheets, was archaic. It took six different types of spreadsheets to manage our business – very labor-intensive. To maintain our edge in a highly competitive marketplace, we needed to do better.”

Monjon evaluated several security management systems, including WinTeam. “One product was skewed to cleaning businesses. Another was a mishmash so we couldn’t extract useful information. Nothing hit the mark for us,” he explains

“Managing our business now takes about one-third the time it did before.” – Alan Curtis, Operations Manager

Solution: TrackTik for End-to-End Guard Tracking

Then Monjon discovered TrackTik, the industry’s leading physical security operations management software. TrackTik offers real-time communication through guard smartphones, increasing productivity and ensuring constant contact via channels like SMS and email. It also provides comprehensive data and analytics for turnkey and engaging reporting.

“The visual reporting in TrackTik is comprehensive and detailed,” says Alan Curtis, operations manager. “Its daily tracking covers all touch points. Incident reports can be viewed as pie charts for fast, intuitive decisions. Interaction with the platform is far superior to others. TrackTik makes it easy to have more informed conversations with customers, demonstrating that we’re on top of the entire security situation. Managing our guard business now takes about one-third the time it did before.”

Transparency Delights Customers

Monjon’s clients now have a 360-degree view of their operations, thanks to TrackTik. “When clients come into the office in the morning, they see all activities that happened the night before. Before, they relied on end-of-month reports – when it was too late to remedy many situations,” Curtis notes.

Goudsblom agrees. “I closed a new customer yesterday who had been with the same security group for several decades. After three years of outreach, he finally agreed to see me. All I had to do was pull up TrackTik and show where all of his cars were located. His existing provider couldn’t do that. So he set up a trial with us immediately. It was a real coup – all thanks to TrackTik!”

“TrackTik made us look like superstars.” – Alan Curtis, Operations Manager

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Ad Hoc Reports Create a Competitive Edge

“One of our biggest selling points, now that we have TrackTik, is being able to create reports in minutes to respond to client needs,” says Curtis. “We had an enormous project involving 36 companies at a critical infrastructure facility. I could see how a report would benefit the project from start to finish. But it didn’t exist. I adapted a TrackTik report then and there, delivering data on everything from the number of people on the site to their roles, their certifications, and much more. With any other system, a report like that would have taken several weeks of back and-forth with the vendor. TrackTik made us look like superstars.”

“In another case, our client found that guards were staying inside all night instead of performing welfare checks on tenants,” he continues. “Using TrackTik, we created a simple form for them on the spot. Their guards fill it in, and TrackTik generates a daily report. Supervisors can now take immediate action to improve performance.”

Green Light From Guards

How did guards react to TrackTik? “TrackTik takes guards from the Dark Ages to the future,” says Curtis.

“They’ve progressed from carrying a simple metal wand to having everything at their fingertips on their phones. If they run into trouble, they can call for assistance, which reduces anxiety. Not only are they walking around more, but they can make notes and take photos as incidents happen. If questioned about a two-hour gap in notes, for instance, they can reply while they still remember details.”

Having standard operating procedures (SOPs) on their phones is also a relief for guards. “Whenever they’re unsure of how to handle a situation, they can just check their phone, get an immediate answer, and be confident that they’re doing the right thing. They figure things out for themselves, and understand their roles better now,” says Curtis.

TrackTik ensures that reports are tidy, uniform, and look great, which has proven especially helpful for Monjon and continuity. “The system provides a seamless transition from one guard to another as shifts rotate. Guards like how easy it is to use. If you can navigate a smartphone, you can navigate TrackTik.”

Easy Implementation and Timely Transparency

Implementation went smoothly. “TrackTik’s support team scheduled weekly online training sessions, and replied quickly to any queries,” Curtis says. “It was clear that their commitment to customer satisfaction aligned with ours. We couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

Goudsblom explains why he’s such a strong advocate for the software. “TrackTik serves as a single source of truth for us. With accurate reports and trends analysis, we manage staff more efficiently and have more meaningful conversations with clients. It gives us a communicative transparency that we’d never have otherwise. We wanted to offer fantastic reporting and operational insights to our clients – and that’s exactly what we achieved. It’s a tremendous competitive advantage.”

“One of our biggest selling points, now that we have
TrackTik, is being able to create reports in minutes to respond to client needs.” – Alan Curtis, Operations Manager

Notable Results

  • Reports created in minutes rather than weeks
  • Guard management time trimmed by two-thirds
  • Major client signed after a single software demo

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