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Simplify Corporate Physical Security Management with TrackTik

Our highly configurable TrackTik corporate security solutions was were developed with corporations like yours in mind. It changes how security teams and field operations teams personnel are managed.

As the industry’s leading complete solution corporate security software solution, TrackTik transforms organizations by providing valued insights, increasing engagement and productivity, ensuring resources are channeled more strategically, and meeting compliance.

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Corporate Security Solutions

Seeing a reduction of reported incidents, leadership may challenge your spend. Protect your program and position with data showing the value your program and team has delivered and a detailed breakdown of spend. Being able to demonstrate effective risk mitigation can also remind stakeholders of the costs avoided in terms of reputational damage and negative publicity.

Guard Tracking Software

Strengthen physical security visibility

Gaps in security operation visibility are easy to overcome with TrackTik. Gain more in-depth tour and dispatch visibility, improve corporate security officer and dispatcher communication for improved task management, and leverage Site Tasks to track tasks and their progress. All of this can be done no matter the location.

Improve Operational Visibility

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Corporate Security Risk Management

Elevate incident reporting 

Change the way your organization captures relevant information with customizable incident reporting. Enable real-time field reporting by encouraging workers to create and submit reports via mobile app.

Notify the appropriate people when incidents are reported for a timely and efficient response. Receive valuable data and insights. Analyze trends, identify areas of improvement, and make better data-driven decisions that elevate operations.

Optimize Incident Reports

Corporate Physical Security Analytics

Provide better data insights than ever before

TrackTik makes getting and understanding only the most relevant data painless and uncomplicated. Track and analyze task- and guard-based data. Identify incident trends and address root causes with ease. Collect relevant incident data to ensure a more informed prevention strategy. Use configurable reports to meet your organization’s needs.


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