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Our Mission

TrackTik’s mission is simple: By offering a complete set of tools through an easy-to-use software, we take the fear out of technology in order to put it to work powerfully for you. Our intuitive system is a multi-feature platform that connects field personnel to management and clients via a suite of unsurpassed guard-management tools, powerful business-intelligence modules, and automated financial-management solutions.

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Optimize, standardize, centralize

By leveraging TrackTik’s intuitive Live Dashboard, which captures and displays operations in real-time, you have access to centralized data in order to improve your services and business decisions, standardize your processes, and optimize resources.

Data that speaks!

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Worldwide, TrackTik is always on

TrackTik offers services around the globe, in over 35 countries, on 6 continents. Take a look at where our innovative technology is transforming security operations globally:map_blue_bg

Always on the front line

TrackTik began in 2013 with an innovative, integrated system that was built with vital input from the security industry. A new idea on the market, this fully customizable system allowed clients to focus on guard tours in detail and zoom out to view the entire operation from 10,000 feet. Best of all, it was specifically designed to be simple, data-rich, and user-friendly.

Today, TrackTik has evolved to provide you with an intuitive workforce management platform that provides actionable insight through integrated field operation and back office solutions. Make decisions based on exactly what’s happening... so you’re never caught off guard. Trust TrackTik to work at the heart of your everyday operations so you can run your business seamlessly, smoothly, and safely.

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