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Our healthcare security software revolutionizes the way that physical security teams approach workplace safety. How? Through better monitoring of security officer activity, managing incident reporting, and replacing outdated paper-based methods. Learn more below.

3 Key Elements to Look for in Healthcare Security Services

Real-Time Location Tracking and Digital Patrols

Significantly improve visibility and monitoring of security officers. Promote a culture of responsibility by empowering supervisors to proactively monitor and address issues. Provide security personnel with clear instructions for their duties.

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Digital Incident Reporting and Documentation

Eliminate manual paperwork and reduce your administrative burden. Enable precise and prompt incident reporting. Save valuable time, enhance overall efficiency, and remain compliant with regulatory requirements, freeing up resources.

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Live Dashboard GPS Tracking Reporting

Increase visibility and accountability, reduce time-consuming manual processes, and reduce exposure to compliance risks with the help of TrackTik.

incident report for healthcare facilities

Create Custom Incident Report Templates

Ensure accurate, standardized compliance documentation with incident report templates specific to regulatory requirements. Effortlessly track and classify compliance-related incidents with custom incident categories, enhancing transparency.

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Designed for healthcare facilities, TrackTik makes it easy to:

manage programs

Prioritize the safety and protection of healthcare security officers, staff, patients, and visitors

observe team

Enhance the visibility of security officers and their activities in real-time

understand analytics

Streamline incident reporting, daily activity reports, and incident analytics

keep track

Encourage more informed decision-making through comprehensive data and analytics

Learn how TrackTik can help enhance physical security in healthcare

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