Innovative management tools for security professionals

TrackTik was built from the ground up to meet the needs of security professionals. Before TrackTik became what it is today, security operations were largely using pen and paper to schedule and document the progress of their guards. TrackTik is changing that with an innovative software solution that takes previously manual processes, automates them and captures data to use in reports.

Innovating to meet the needs of clients is at the core of TrackTik. In the months and years to come, AI and machine learning will be implemented into TrackTik’s software to enhance the user experience for security professionals. In line with what TrackTik has done from the beginning, AI and machine learning will help automate manual processes even further to allow clients to run a better business and to make life easier for employees.

Advanced security officer management

Going forward, TrackTik will be customized around individual roles in security. Utilizing AI and machine learning technologies, the software will be able to make predictive suggestions for what individual roles will need from the software along with specific assistance during scheduling, further speeding up the process. The goal is to optimize various roles to reduce the need for human intervention as much as possible.

Data-driven decision making

TrackTik already uses data and analytics to help bring transparency to operations and allow managers to make informed strategic decisions. AI and machine learning will enhance these business intelligence tools to make even better use of the operational data the software generates. This means that the software will be able to suggest even more efficiencies for your business, saving you more money and making your business more profitable.