Communication Methods

TrackTik’s Support Services are provided either via web portal, e-mail or telephone. For Low or No impact issues, the support web portal or email are the preferred method of communication. For major or critical severity issues, telephone or email are the preferred method of communication. When contacting support via email, include “Service Issue” in the subject line for low or no and “Urgent Service Issue” for major and critical impact issues.

Telephone Number +1 (888) 454-5606 dial 2
Email [email protected]
Support Portal
Status Portal
Address 4200 Boulevard St-Laurent, suite 445, Montreal, QC, H2W 2R2 Canada

Support Hours

TrackTik’s Client Support services will be available as follows:

07:30 to 19:30 Eastern Time Monday to Friday

All Canadian statutory holidays are excluded, a list of which is available at:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • Victoria Day
  • Canada Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving (different that the US)
  • Remembrance Day (not a holiday for TrackTik)
  • Christmas
  • Boxing Day

Low and No impact issue support is only available during business hours. For Major and Critical incidents, call back and ongoing update times apply outside of regular business hours.

TrackTik’s Out of Hours Support

Telephone Number +1 (888) 454-5606 dial 2
Email [email protected]
When contacting support for major and critical impact issues via e-mail and outside of support hours, include “Urgent Service Issue” in the subject line.

Service Level Objectives for TrackTik in favor of Client and End Users

TrackTik warrants to the Client that the Services will be fully operational and shall be available to Clients not less than 99.5% of the time in any thirty (30) day period (each occurrence of unavailability is referred to as a “Service Interruption”), excluding unavailability (i) caused by Client related to the connection to the internet, and (ii) as a result of regularly scheduled maintenance (the “Planned Maintenance”). TrackTik will make the Services available on a 24 hour per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year basis to all Clients.

Severity Classifications

TrackTik provides a four level severity system for all support issues. The severity level is applied by a member of TrackTik’s team following the initial assessment of the support issue. TrackTik reserves the right to modify the severity level of an issue at any time with or without notice.

  1. Critical

Client’s system is severely degraded with multiple users not being able to access core functionality which directly impacts Clients’ business processes.

  • Services are inaccessible or severely degraded
  • Majority of users affected
  • Impacting Clients’ business processes
  1. Major

Client’s system is available but degraded and cannot process Client’s information request (select functionality is unavailable), affecting Clients’ business processes.

  • Services are available with degraded functionality
  • Multiple users affected
  • Affecting Clients’ business processes
  1. Low

The Services are available but not performing according to the business specifications (functionality is compromised but still available). Specific users are experiencing limited access to non core functionality.

  • Services are available but not performing according to the business specifications
  • Specific users are impacted
  • Unexpected behavior during Client’s business processes
  1. No

The Services are available with little to no impact to functionality. Specific users may encounter unexpected behaviors while performing Client’s business processes.

  • Services are available
  • Specific users are impacted
  • Client’s business processes are unaffected

4 Target Time Scales

Severity Call Back Time Target for Resolution Update Intervals
Critical 60 minutes 8 hours 90 minutes via support portal, email or phone
Major 4 hours 24 hours 4 hours
Low 2 business days 7 days 24 hours**
No impact 2 business days 14 to 28 days 7 days**

**Phone and email support for Low and No impact issues is only available during business hours. For Major and Critical incidents, call back and ongoing update times apply outside of regular business hours.

Targets for Resolution will apply for the Services. TrackTik’s infrastructure is monitored on a 24 x 7 basis.


The following lists the escalation adopted in case of a Service Interruption.

TrackTik’s Representatives:

Level Responsibility Name Contact Number
1 Customer internal support or Help Desk
2 Client Support Forwarded to Designate On Call +1 (888) 454-5606 dial 2
3 (escalation) Client Success Manager Client Specific Client Specific
4 Director of IT Vincent Szeto

Product Maintenance


TrackTik will ensure that Planned Maintenance work will not exceed three (3) hours in any one-month period.

TrackTik shall provide updates and enhancements for the Services. They will be provided on an ‘as available’ basis and include the items listed below:

  • TrackTik shall inform Client of planned maintenance by email in advance of the Planned Maintenance window, except where such maintenance involves critical fixes
    • Documentation for new releases, including functional, configuration and installation information.
    • Enhancements to Services provided by TrackTik to keep current with changes in operating systems, user environment, etc.
    • Functional enhancements that TrackTik makes generally available to TrackTik’s clients. Bug fixes.
  • Updates to related documentation will be provided in TrackTik University and sent via electronic newsletter.


Resolution: Advice and/or actions that provide a permanent fix or temporary solution. TrackTik’s and Client’s appointed representatives agree that the problem has been resolved. This may include workarounds, patches/upgrades promised at a later date, or commitments to fix the problem within mutually agreed Time Scales.

Call Back: A “dial-in”, telephone conversation or electronic communication to commence remote diagnostics between TrackTik’s and Client’s representatives.

Time Scales: Refer to working hours or days.

Update Intervals: Update provided by TrackTik to the Client’s representative regarding the support issue via “dial-in”, telephone conversation or electronic communication.