Deliver a proactive guard tour service

Challenge misconceptions around the value of security guarding operations and go from being an ‘unavoidable cost’ to a value-adding service. The TrackTik Guard Tour module enables you to take an all-encompassing look at your operations and develop a strategy that maximizes the value you deliver to stakeholders. Working with your stakeholders, you can identify their most valuable assets and tailor your guard tour accordingly. Define your checkpoints based on this analysis to make sure you’re covering your customer’s priorities and define the actions required at each point. TrackTik allows you to define what happens at each checkpoint, including logging, displaying a message, opening a report form, asking exception questions, or triggering an incident alert. This powerful mobile support is compatible with iOS and Android and works using a variety of checkpoint types such as NFC, barcode, QR Code, Aztec, GPS, as well as manual check-ins.

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Live tracking of your frontline security team

As a security operations manager, you will no longer be blindsided after the fact when a shift has been missed or be unsure of delays. Thanks to the seamless flow of live data from your security officer’s devices, receive SMS and email notifications from the ground. With the software designed around managing by exception, you can avoid being overloaded with alerts, only receiving notifications that matter. Using communication tools such as message boards, post orders, and more, reduce the chances of miscommunication and run your guard tour operations easily.

Support and protect your patrol tours

TrackTik’s dynamic guard tracking feature helps you comply with your health and safety obligations towards your security personnel. By allowing you to monitor the status of those working along and equipping your guards with a panic button feature, assist your guards quickly and ensure their peace of mind.

In addition, TrackTik’s watch mode audio and video feeds, and recording helps support the security personnel dealing with high-risk situations, such as collecting evidence of criminal activity.

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Identify incident trends and issues to improve your security officer services

Your live feed of tour data will help you build a historical picture of the security environment in which your security personnel are operating, making it easier to identify trends and potential for improvements. By getting ahead of issues before they become full-blown problems, you increase the impact of security and help deliver a safer environment for your stakeholders. By being able to point to robust data and trends, you can demonstrate the impact you’ve had and the value of your services and in this way resolve the security paradox of struggling to justify your services when they’re too effective in limiting incidents.

Security guard GPS tracking and site geofencing

TrackTik allows you to design robust, proportionate and effective guard tour protocols to match the site and areas within a site that you’re tasked with securing. With the geofencing feature, you can establish permitted and restricted zones at your sites, as well as designate special protocols tied to specific locations.

Geofencing works with the live GPS tracking associated with your security personnel’s devices to deliver an at-a-glance map view of your guard tour field operations, and also SMS and email notifications. These automatic notifications can be set up to provide alerts on entering and exiting zones, and to push reminders linked to specific geofenced areas.

guard tour live dashboard

Live dashboard for security personnel management

TrackTik’s live dashboard gives you an immediate view over what’s happening in the field right now, allowing you to assign unscheduled tasks to officers and also communicate via live messaging.

With GPS and geocoded checkpoints, together with real-time security officer tracking, you can present a live picture of your guard tour operations that takes transparency and accountability to the next level.

Data to improve your security guard services

Compile your real-time, operational data to create in-depth reports that you can share with your stakeholders via TrackTik’s Client Portal, email or in person. With data at your fingertips, break down your activities by officer, shift, and account to make sure you’re operating at maximum efficiency. Go even further and review your guard tour operations in detail means to adjust your strategies where needed.

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