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As with any good story, TrackTik’s opening chapter begins in a bar. As a disgruntled security manager described his inability to track his security guards, a tech developer listened. He said to himself, “I can build an app for that,” and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, TrackTik secures 210,000+ facilities and serves 600+ clients across 35+ countries.

Become a TrackTiker

Most of the contributors to TrackTik’s success story are the people that come into work every day. Affectionately known as TrackTikers – we are the embodiment of the company’s values.

We are a bunch of passionate people who take action, act as owners, lead by example, achieve the impossible, live with integrity and at the end of the day, keep it simple and have fun!

Our Roots

Tracktik is proud of its roots in Montreal’s Plateau. The neighbourhood has plenty of buzz with food options from around the world, impromptu festivals and interesting street art.

If we’re not out and about, we’re busy eating together on don’t-bring-your-lunch-Tuesdays, growing vegetables in-office with a Little Green Thumb committee and our year-round urban garden, catching up at family reunions and town halls, or sharing departmental wins and giving shout-outs to our amazing colleagues at Monday morning cardio sessions.

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Supporting local causes

At TrackTik, we believe in actively serving our community for a better tomorrow, which is why we support causes such as the Marie-Vincent Foundation, TechAide and Les lutins de l’École St-Vincent-Marie in Montréal-Nord.

We raise funds, collect gifts, promote their activities and participate in events for these charitable organizations. Some of us even channel our inner rockstars performing on stage for Marie-Vincent Foundation’s annual Marvin on the Rock concert!

Want to be our colleague?

We are always looking to grow our team. We also believe in promoting from within and we encourage our existing TrackTikers to pursue their passions.

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Career Opportunities

At TrackTik, we’re in it for the long-haul. That’s why we’re always growing, innovating and repeating. If you don’t see a position that would be the perfect fit for you at the moment, apply to Your Dream Job: you’ll stay top of mind as we brainstorm about new exciting roles we’d like to add!