Empower your customer service

Laying the foundations for a long-term, profitable relationship with your customers begins with trust. Being able to easily manage your contracts, and most importantly, demonstrate to your customers that you’re delivering the services promised is a major part of relationship building. With TrackTik, you can build out all of the contracts you have with your customers including details on billing rates, services to be delivered, and then pull this contract information over into your scheduling, supporting both your payroll preparation and invoicing.

Automate your invoicing, payroll & contracts

Getting invoicing right the first time not only cuts down on the time you need to spend on admin, but also forms part of an effective customer service. With TrackTik, you’re able to standardize your invoicing process based on the terms agreed at the contract level, and the actual operational data gathered from your scheduling. Automate the collection and processing of your billing data by pulling the info on customizable price tiers based on hourly guarding, scheduled patrols, fixed cost or dispatch, as well as payment terms, preferred payment methods and recurrence from your invoicing prop. Simply review any flagged exceptions before sharing your invoice with your customer. Our client portal also makes sharing billing data simple and user-friendly with its customizable dashboards that creates the ultimate transparency for your customers.

Forecast your security business revenue

With automated processes for contracting and invoicing, along with a billing period analytics, you’ll find it easier to forecast your revenue. View billing per item, account, time period and geography and call up dashboards showing sales to date, top ten clients, and much more.

With this insight only a few clicks away, you’ll be able to better respond to changing market conditions, provide superior security services, and maintain profitability.