TrackTik gives you real-time visibility of your operations; it provides you with powerful dashboards and reports that you can share with your stakeholders to demonstrate your team’s value to the commercial, industrial, or residential properties you manage.

Property Management Dashboard

Maximize Resources by Assigning Multiple Jobs to a Single Field Team Member

Consider assigning various jobs across multiple functions relating to the maintenance, security, and housekeeping of the property to optimize the time and productivity of your deskless workers. Using TrackTik’s Service Delivery App, one team member can wear multiple hats by performing security tours, maintenance verifications, janitorial inspections, and more across your properties without wasting time filing paper reports or making phone calls to supervisors.

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Equip Your Field Operations with a Field Service Management Solution that Gives You Real-Time Visibility

Go paperless and monitor every second of your field operations, track the live location of your team members, and capture the evidence of work performed. Give your team a tool to help them stay organized, feel connected, and respond faster to service requests.
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Real-time Visibility

TrackTik’s SaaS-based field service management software channels the power of data, analytics, and automation to help improve property management field operations.

Custom Reporting

Leverage Custom Reporting to Cater to Your Business and Data Needs

Build reports aligned with your staff’s tasks at each property, from security tours and incident reporting to completing cleaning chores and inspecting building equipment. Capture the correct details and provide indisputable evidence illustrating the impact and value of your security, cleaning, and maintenance programs on your properties.

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Gain Insights Using Data Lab-powered Dashboards for Analytics

Leverage analytics to identify trends and problem areas occurring on your properties so that you can allocate resources based on actual needs and justify your spending decisions. Build widgets that help you measure the impact of your security, cleaning, and maintenance programs and initiatives and download reports that you can share with your stakeholders.

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Data Analytics

With TrackTik, it’s easy:

safety tour

Complete safety tours and inspections to verify the state of building equipment relating to elevators, fire extinguishers, and exit signs


Ensure preventive maintenance checks are completed, and any repairs needed are assigned to a technician and completed

report incidents

Report on incidents such as indoor smoking, loitering or the presence of homeless people inside the property and around entrances

problem areas

Identify problem areas and allocate resources accordingly

clean sanitize

Ensure that common areas such as restrooms are regularly cleaned and sanitized


Complete patrols and report on any potentially dangerous situation

From people to assets, learn how TrackTik can help you optimize the management of your properties.

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