Optimize patrol tour routes

With complete control over your mobile security patrol routes, you can optimize them to increase efficiency, but also design in unpredictability to make sure you’re providing a reliable service. Using the configurable patrol schedule, you can make guard tours a mandatory part of mobile patrols, and customize grace periods to account for variables in each shift period.

mobile suite mobile patrol

Real-time management of security guard run sheets

Using the active patrol view in TrackTik, you have a live feed of your mobile operations and can assign your resources to jobs based on what’s happening in the field. You can reassign jobs to dispatch officers or amend a run sheet to accommodate changes while complying with your contractual obligations to your officers and customers. Being able to track the progression of each patrol run sheet gives you deep insight into performance and opportunities for efficiency, while also delivering assurance on service quality.

mobile patrol data

Share detailed reports with your customers

With the data collected on your mobile patrols, you can take transparency to the next level by easily creating detailed, custom tailored reports for each customer. Break down patrols by route position; account; patrol status; user; date; month; year; day of the week; job type; run sheet; and regional office..

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