Guarding Suite
Mobile Suite

Mobile patrol scheduling

Using TrackTik’s Route Optimization, your guards will know the most efficient route for performing their mobile patrol. Grace periods can be implemented into the route so that guards won’t struggle to meet their patrol times and if you need to show clients evidence of your patrol’s efficiency, you will have accurate data at your fingertips.

You can follow the progress of your patrol in real-time with a live view of your runsheets. Using Mobile Patrol, you won’t be left wondering how a patrol is going; you’ll have visual insight from wherever you can access a desktop.

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Runsheets / Active patrol view

icon active patrol view

An overview of tasks and mobile guards

Reassign requests

icon reassign requests

Approve or deny a guard's request to change runsheets

Progression detail

icon progression detail

See which stage the patrol is at and the tasks completed

Mobile route optimization

icon mobile route optimization

Give your patrol officers the quickest route between sites

Configurable patrol schedule

icon configurable patrol schedule

Adjust your officers' patrol schedules

Customized grace periods

icon custom grace period

Flexible grace periods for your mobile guards

Patrol status reports

Mobile+ Suite

Follow the progress of your mobile patrol

Billing verification

icon billing verification

Verify the hours worked and bill your customer accurately

Optimize patrol route management

Managing scheduled jobs and effectively responding to unexpected events can be arduous. But it doesn’t have to be. TrackTik’s Dispatch and Patrol modules were specifically designed to improve efficiency, manage client expectations as well as every facet of your mobile operations.

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mobile suite dispatch

Security guard dispatch that meets SLAs

Using the Mobile Suite, your dispatch guards will have a much easier time getting to alert sites promptly. The software will suggest guards to the dispatcher based on their availability, and proximity to the site in order to ensure that the right guard gets to the site quickly.

Dispatchers can follow the progress of their guards to make sure they are safe and that the dispatch service meets SLAs. Guard performance is also tracked historically so that you can share data that demonstrates the quality of your service with clients.

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Customizable workflow

Mobile+ Suite

Create job-specfiic workflow with step-by-step instructions

Warning and alert thresholds

icon warning alert thresholds

Adjust the number of minutes a ticket can sit before action is requierd

Billing timer

icon billing timer

Define billiing structure based on time and work to be completed

SLA timer

Mobile+ Suite

Configure the time allowed per SLA to complete the request

Cancellation timer

Mobile+ Suite

Enter the minutes that the customer will have to cancel the service

Email and push notifications by transition

icon customized email

Setup task-specific notifications at every stage

Transition forms

icon transition forms

Transitions define the paths a job can take from creation to completion

Closest to site units display

icon site units

Display guard patrols by proximity to site

Customizable dispatch forms

icon custom dispatch forms

Dispatch now or future time

icon disptach now

Pre-set dispatch based on need or request

Dispatch analytics

icon dispatch analytics

See more detail in a graph

Billing verification

icon billing verification dispatch

Verify the hours worked and bill your customer accurately

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